Monday, May 14, 2018

working on the To Do List - May 14, 2018

It was a busy morning. I called Dr. Lappa's office to change the appointment to early August as younger boy will be in Calgary at the end of August.
Then I called Dr. Choy at the Mazankowski for the change in the medication. Dr. Das Gupta the nephrologist has asked about the medications and so I talked to Kathleen about the change to add a Calcium channel blocker (CCB) and then I found out that Dr. Choy had faxed this information to Dr. Krysa.
So I phoned Dr. Krysa and set up the appointment for Wednesay at 1:30 pm for dad.
Just coordinating the three doctors is a big thing. Dr. Das Gupta, Dr. Choy and Dr. Krysa. I don't know what has happened about the eye doctor who is Dr. Climenhaga but I will ask dad later.
Then I checked dental coverage for younger boy with Dr. Kurji as it is ending soon. August 31 and I don't know when the University of Calgary coverage begins.
I haven't looked at the minivan yet and it needs servicing. The Helva can't be serviced this weekend or her winter tires changed as Freedom Ford is closed so I made the appointment for Saturday May 26, 2018 at 8 am.
The garden is still messy. Younger boy is still in bed. There is no summer job yet.
But at least there is some stuff set up in terms of the index funds at TD which is all I have the balls to invest in right now. The entire stock market seems like a giant Ponzi scheme to me much like the money system and I won't invest in any company until I have read their financial reports and determined if they are all bullshit.
The sun is blotting out darkness outside. Younger boy will walk with me today.
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