Thursday, May 17, 2018

the kid

Rainy day out. I've been reading about finances. It's a long haul. Younger boy still in bed. Getting him out is like taffy pulling.
The sky seems to be a bit less icky now with a feeling that the sun may pop out eventually.
The garage is full of squished milk cartons to be taken to the bottle depot for cash.
The review of 2017 taxes is beginning yet again. I got two of the income tax returns. My one was corrected. How I made mistakes yet again I don't know. It gives me the creeps to know that each year someone at the CRA is going over my returns and finding errors. How do they do it?
In any case, hubby's tax return not done yet and so I have a third report card to wait for in terms of the tax returns. This won't be the end of this tax return drama as sometimes they reassess me late in the year. I'm getting to the point where I am confused nearly every year.
But let me focus here. Get through the finances. Read as much as I can before my head turns to putty. Then decide on the next steps. I've made the index funds purchases automatic monthly. I don't want to put too much cash in the index funds as I am wary of the advertisements on the Internet and by banks but certainly it's worth a shot.
Then I go back to looking at stocks. I save some money and use my free trades at Scotia bank to buy some stocks and see how they do.
I am not very encouraged by the irrational exuberance of the stock market. It's basically gambling.
But there you go.
Life is short. Gotta focus on essentials. The kid.
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