Tuesday, May 15, 2018

out and about May 15, 2018

I decided to go for a walk immediately. The excuses not to walk pile up later in the day.
It's boiling hot. But I did a quick perusal of the community.
Everyone is cleaning up and the gardens are fresh.
The crab apple trees are bursting into song.
At the fake marsh #1 there was a goose that was scissoring through the silky gray fabric of water.
The red winged blackbirds were singing their hearts out hoping for mating success. I listened at the park seat for quite some time and I saw one male beating off another male from his territory in the undistinguishable property lines of the marsh.
I heard the poplars call my name as I walked by.
The blackened bodies of the old ones sit in the dumpster of the marsh where they provide perches for singing.
Two ducks were guided along the marsh boundary by the cattail lamps.
The grasses have pouted out of the yellow towers of the past and are now fully flush with green cash and spending it.
I came back to do the bottles for taking back to the bottle depot. A wasp was inside the garage and it took a while to escort him off the premises without getting stung.
Younger boy just got up. He is having a shower and may deign to join me on the bottle return excursion where I show him that you get money back for picking up vodka bottles in the neighbourhood.
No luck today with bottles.
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