Friday, May 11, 2018

Julie Ali ‏ @JulieYAli More So this guy was making some pictures to represent his disgust of me on Twitter. I don't actually understand these pictures but I do understand his intent. Some folks have anger management problems. @scottcrawford08 Or perhaps they are immature. In any case have a nice day y'all. 6:01 AM - 11 May 2018 0 replies 0 retweets 0 likes Reply Retweet Like View Tweet activity Julie AliTweet text

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    These people act a lot like the SJWs they are so critical of.
  2. gud wrk

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good argument genius.

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Yea man, chopping up babies is hilarious.

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clearly health care

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    Yes the heroic carists. So nobel, so majestic.

  1. lmao american face.
  2. when you are zero percent coherent, you look like this.
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    privatize the school. Boom all problems solved.
  4. Damn lobstrosities. They took the gun slinger's finger, but he went on to defeat many cretins.
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    Can we get an answer from someone who isn't a complete retard?

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durrrr yea just a bundle of cells. You are a fucking monster.

Dude are you actually trying to make her back up her statements? You are ridiculous for expecting her to provide an answer so like stop asking. She feels like there were adaptations so there must be smh.

Scott Crawford
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