Monday, May 14, 2018

independent living skills training - Monday May 14, 2018

I did the training of younger boy today. Once he got up I sat him down and we worked on this week's meals. Most of the meals he put down for this week--were the same (sandwiches / chicken/ salad) but he's just starting out so I consider this a first try.
Then from the meal plan for the week we extrapolated the food that had to be brought.
He checked the pantry so we would not buy stuff we already have.
Then I took him to No Frills.
He followed his shopping list to shop the exterior perimeter of the store first to get the essentials like fruits, veggies, yoghurt, milk and fish. We did not get the chicken breast but he noted how expensive they were compared to whole chicken.
He got the pepperoni sticks he likes as a snack and then we looked at ice cream brands but the ones on sale were gone so we said forget it. We decided to have fruit for dessert. The total bill was $73.08 which made no impact on him since I paid for it. I got him to load the stuff up and take to truck. He has it pat now how to return the shopping cart.
Hubby feels that the boy is being tortured on these now regular training sessions on independent living. Apparently his mum just let him take off without any training and he lived on pasta and canned food. I told him younger boy will not live like a first year student but like a second year student with some variation in his diet.
He did not want to buy fruits and veggies but I made him add these to his meal plan which would have been sandwiches mainly otherwise.
He cooked up his fried potatoes, boiled his corn and did the fish sticks for his supper. He's going to wash his dishes and put away. So far he is not enthusiastic about the independent living skills course I have designed for him but maybe once he has a few skills he will try to make more innovative meals.
This was his shopping list:
-sausage (maybe?)
-cheese (maybe?)
-cereal (we got steel cut oats)
-bananas - 7
-mandarin oranges -7
-veggies -celery, lettuce, spinach (we didn't get lettuce as the bunches were ugly)
-apples (we didn't buy as the Honeycrisp ones were still expensive).
-fajita bread, pita bread
We were supposed to make a salad but both of us were too tired to bother. I had the chicken soup that was in the fridge from last week and I simply added some cooked ground beef to take the place of the meatballs that were supposed to have been added to them.
It was a good day.
Outside kids are doing the soccer games. Parents sit in long rows by the fence. The cars are stacked like small Lego blocks all down the road.

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