Friday, May 11, 2018

I watch the clouds / and I dilly dally

I put the books before me
and I read

this financial business is slow
I can't figure out how to invest

the dollars collect in the piggy bank
and I am interested

in learning how to accrete them
I put the mind to work

and work until I know
these days are for figuring out

I don't touch the capital
but meander all about

the door to retirement is ajar
but only if I work hard and invest intelligently

I polish the surface of discovery
and I enter into mockery

how will a stay at home mummy
transform herself into an investment guru?

I watch the clouds
and I dilly dally

sometimes I think to myself
money is just a tool and nothing else

but then I see that the future isn't funded
and I go back to studying money

surely there is a way to figure out the route
to conservative retirement?

I look at the different vehicles
on the parking lot of investment

and I shake my head
I'm not going to follow the others

because I want to do it myself
perhaps it will take me decades

but money is a tool that I will use well
I find the mentors and I learn from them

I take the mask off the face of investment
and I see what's behind that mystery

Armen Gasparyan

George Ezra - Budapest (Official Video)

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