Friday, May 11, 2018

food shopping practice done

I took younger boy to No Frills. I made him get a shopping cart. Then he wandered about looking at stuff he might want to buy for meals. We had no menu list as this is a practice run.
He learnt that there was no sausage at the No Frills place that is of the Ryley sausage sort.
He got milk. I got mandarin oranges. He got some dried sausage in a package. I got Pita bread. He looked at the chicken breasts. I said that they cost a fortune and we will not buy them. He looked at expensive yoghurt. I got the cheap $2 kind. Basically I taught him nothing but just exposure to the food, the costs, the shopping cart.
I got him to take the food out of the shopping cart to pay and then pack the food. Then he unloaded the food in the truck. Then he put the shopping cart back and got my loonie back.
Then he put the food away when we came home.
He did a bit of work on the resumes and went to have a nap. I feel like napping as well. As both of us are hypothyroid we're prone to being tired.
I also think he is burnt out after NAIT so I am not bugging him today. He applied to a ton of jobs this week and has already done 4 interviews so it's good to have time off now. Besides the sun is up and about briskly drying the laundry. It feels like we should have a holiday after days of slogging at applications.
I have to go to the Scotia Bank soon. I have only got through the first pages of the book I am reading on mutual funds. My head hurts.
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