Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Ewan Martin Quirk It's about 8 - 9 billion dollars to clean up the remnant of oil extraction industry. In Alberta.

So this is nice but what about the stuff that government in Alberta is ignoring?
Here are some questions:
1) How much land is impacted by oil and gas work in Alberta -say with the orphan wells that we have provided a $235 million loan with $35 million free to ensure the loan is interest free?
2) What is industry doing to ensure we don't have to keep providing loans for their liabilities?
3) What of the tailings ponds? Personally speaking I don't believe in the precipitation of flocculants to make a lake district out of capped precipitants. Do you?
4) So if the tailings are a permanent residue of the oil sands work why not admit and just say you are leaving a toxic residue for our kids? It's best to stop wasting money trying to remove the toxic landscape and just accept it.
5) Instead of wasting money from the Carbon tax to innovate the oil and gas industry why not let the industry succeed by itself since this is a free market?
6) Pipeline resistance in my opinion is going to be ongoing and permanent. So why not go the CN route and develop ways to transport by rail that ensure that there is no contamination. Forget pipelines.
7) Heck we might as well just go electric in terms of our cars. So why bother to keep the oil and gas industry anyway?
Alberta has designated four new provincial parks in the province’s north, creating the world’s largest contiguous protected boreal forest. About the size of New Brunswick, the&nbsp…
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Ewan Martin Quirk It's about 8 - 9 billion dollars to clean up the remnant of oil extraction industry. In Alberta.
Julie Ali And yet I have to listen to lectures from folks like this about my understanding of the liabilities: Shane Macallan Julie Ali What you "think" and reality are two different things. Just because you think you understand the oil business and how subsidies operate doesn't actually mean you do. The 30 million to which you refer, was melodramatic theatre for Premier Notley when she was trying to make points with the electorate and to deflect from some other unpopular thing she had done. However, running to Ottawa, hat in hand, and begging the feds for a handout did nothing to improve her credibility and merely highlighted how little she herself understands either business itself or the oil business in particular. All your "mights" and "maybes" are still only a potential part of a future that people like to pretend they can predict.

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