Friday, May 11, 2018

doing the investment review again

The sun was coming up as I went on the deck to inspect the wet laundry that is re-drying.
Fog had sat on the land like a big cloudy bum and is only now moving off it.
The scilla are bluing the side raised bed.
Younger boy and I are going to the market. No Frills. Eventually. Then the linear algebra stuff.
I will work on investments. The entire industry appears very murky and impermeable. I will simply look at each company that I think might be a good buy and evaluate it from the company reports. This might take me the rest of my life but hey no worries, I will do it.
The appointment at Scotia Bank today is at 4 pm and then I have to set up an appointment #2 for TD. I feel I am always banking now.
Looking at money is painful but it is more painful to not look at money and end your life without any.
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