Sunday, May 13, 2018

buying glasses

We got glasses today for younger boy and hubby. The younger boy wanted contacts but he has to wait as it's just too expensive for glasses and contact lens.
Maybe the University of Calgary vision plan is better than the one at NAIT.
I don't know.
The supper is now done as we did not fart around with the chicken roast. It is still marinating in the fridge. We just has sausage, potatoes and veggies.
Now it's the time to do the financials again. Since I can't get younger boy to apply for the student loan as the site is down until the middle of next week, I will simply try to figure out how to cut from our budget to get us ready for the costs of university.
The places around the U of C are very expensive. I have been looking on Rentfaster Calgary every few days and it's mighty glum in terms of a decent place to live for a reasonable price.
But this is just the first year. Maybe he will be able to share a place in second year.
The student loan will cover the rent on the apartment so long as it is modest.
Then the school fees. It's troubling we never thought about this stuff in the past. It's all so busy when you are growing kids you never think of the costs of growing kids.
Still applying for jobs. Some of the jobs are pretty wicked. They expect a kid to work for free for work experience or offer laughable compensation for the work. $150 to make a website? Give me a break.
So he's still hunting for that summer job. At least it is gorgeous outside. I will go put on my boots and work on the garden after I look again at the financials of the family.
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