Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Appointment with Dr. Krysa today

So I took dad to see Dr. Krysa. I yapped with the nice nurse who took dad's blood pressure twice. Then we saw Dr. Krysa. He had received communications from Dr. Choy and Dr. Das Gupta. He went over the medications. He examined dad. He talked about the medication changes (addition of the calcium channel blocker which reduces the blood pressure and decrease in the other med that I can't remember that was cut). Then he went over the complex care management agreement which is some sort of thing you have to fill in when you have a patient with many problems that the government makes doctors fill in so they can get some few dollars more for the extensive work up required for folks like my mum and dad. Then we went to gas up the truck which cost me megabucks as I am not yet back driving the minivan. Then we went to my house where I took out the massive chicken that has been in my freezer that I could not cook as my oven is not working. The chicken doesn't fit into the toaster oven so dad took it to cook for everyone. There is another massive bird somewhere in the freezer plus the three other chickens that I had to store in my freezer as there is no space in dad's freezers.
Then he yapped with younger boy telling him of the merits of a summer job. Then he said goodbye to younger boy and we went to his place. I left the chicken on the kitchen counter where I hope it won't be forgotten. The London Drugs place will phone for the prescription change to be faxed so I won't have to go drop it off but I have kept a copy so if it isn't faxed I can take it to the pharmacy.
Then I came home to have a nap. Younger boy was doing stuff (hopefully linear algebra). I got him to take down the laundry from the deck. Then we had supper which is mostly stuff I am trying to remove from our pantry and freezer. This day it was tomato soup with the leftover corn. Then the spring rolls with the dipping sauce younger boy likes. He did not have cooking practice today as my head is fried.
Then I looked briefly out and saw the apple tree dressed in her white bridal gown. The lilac tree is in his purple suit. How could I have missed them? They are marrying and here I am in la la land.
The scilla are bluing below them.
I must go out tomorrow and heave the old growth out of the forest of the garden beds.

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