Saturday, August 5, 2017

which one of these stones will I carry?

laid out the ambitions like stones
on the path to nowhere

and I asked myself
which one of these stones will I carry?

and I took one on a part of the journey
but then as it got heavier and heavier

I put it down    but of course it felt empty
to be without ambition     so I picked up another stone

to carry    so that I would be accompanied
and not so lonely     I took the new stone until I paused

on the path to nowhere    and wondered to myself
why I am carrying this stone? 

what is this stone supposed to signify?
does the stone make me important?

a stone is only a stone     and a heart is more than a stone
so again I left the stone on the path to nowhere

and I picked up the light pebbles of words
I made a poem of pebbles    and I left it along the way

as a sign I had passed there      in this way the years went by
the stones of ambition have been left behind a long time ago

and only the pebbles remain in the poems I have written
they tell the lonely traveller on the path to nowhere

here is the evidence of ambitions lost     and instead of ambition
I have cherished the heart             all the pebbles of words carry

bits of my heart    and shine the soul
light as the gossamer of a spider's web

that can be torn by the rough hands of a passerby
I am carrying the gossamer without any trouble now

I walk lightly upon the path to nowhere
I am going along like a cart pulled by another

without ambition and desire      to the end of the path
wherever the path is going to I am being pulled along 

with the soul like a shield before me
and the sword of my heart inside me sheathed
Remedios Varo 

Remedios Varo - Surreal Goddess of Psychedelic Art

Scattered and Small

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