Friday, August 4, 2017

When a child dies, how can we respond?

I am feeling sad today. One of my FB friends has lost her baby.
I can't imagine how that feels. This is why we have art. To help us through these horrors to a place where we can be composed.
But right now my heart hurts. I feel for her. I think of her husband and daughter.
There are no words to comfort this family. When you lose a child this is the ultimate horror.
Our children are supposed to be here when we leave. How does one accept it when a child leaves before us? I guess there is no choice about the matter and acceptance is forced upon us.
In the communities we build on FB we can share a little of our internal worlds. The world where we have sick siblings, parents and children is a hard world to occupy and having others to speak to our feelings, hopes and yes, dreams --it's very important.
When a child dies, how can we respond? I believe we can respond with tears, sorrow, words, acts of love. It's all about love isn't it?
And art is how we express all the desolation we feel when a child dies. I don't know how this feels intimately. But I do know it must feel like being in an empty place holding all tarnished and dead things about you.

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