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What Fresh Hell is This? Fracking Alberta

Its the hell created by the PCs and continued by the NDPCs--the political parties are a joke in terms of regulation and oversight of the oil and gas industry. The AER itself is little more than a spin machine front office for big oil. The major work it does is to sprout banalities about herons and best in the world regulation. If the AER and the GOA were really concerned about responsible development they would be providing us the water baseline studies and the results after fracking. They would hold oil and gas companies responsible for pollution. There would be polluter pay rather than the public pay. There would be justice for families impacted by big oil like Jessica Ernst and Diana Daunheimer.
But that is not how it is in my opinion. We have the PCs in the past with a mysterious Tapcal Trust Fund that everyone ignores as they happily merge with the PCs. Why? I guess power trumps anti-democratic practices. I guess money is more important than dubious political acts. I guess getting to the power palace and becoming the next monarchs of bitumen count more than the public interest. It's left to folks like Jessica Ernst and Diana Daunheimer to tell us what is going on behind the scenes. What is going on behind the scenes? Y'all take a look at the videos and ask yourself the important questions of democracy such as who is working for the people of Alberta and who are betraying the public health, safety and public interest?

I will write about the AER and the failure of oversight I will say the thoughts of a mummy who is not a dummy I will tell the stories...

The Wildrose folks ran to the PCs forgetting their history of anti-democratic acts. One of which is the Tapcal Trust Fund.
I want to know who donated to this fund and if they got special treatment for their donations.
I am curious how any Wildrose Party member could hold their noses with the stink of this Tapcal Trust Fund reaching to the heavens and vote for the arrogant PCs again.

‘I don’t know if there’s $1 in there, $100 dollars or $1-million,’ an Elections Alberta spokesperson said. ‘It’s something they have that other parties aren’t allowed to…

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Alberta PCs using undisclosed trust fund — legal only for their party — to finance its deepening debt

‘I don’t know if there’s $1 in there, $100 dollars or $1-million,’ an Elections Alberta spokesperson said. ‘It’s something they have that other parties aren’t allowed to have’

Dean Bennett/The Canadian Press
Jen Gerson
April 1, 2014
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January 25, 2015
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CALGARY — Alberta’s long-ruling Progressive Conservative Party released another annual report showing it sliding ever further into the red this week, but the disclosure does not show the full picture, a National Post analysis has found.
The party is relying on a legal, albeit undisclosed, trust — a financial vehicle that has been forbidden to other Alberta parties since the ’70s —  to finance its growing debt.
During the last election, the PCs took out a line of credit worth $1.6-million that was secured against the little-known Tapcal Trust, a holdover from an era of looser disclosure rules. In 2012, the party borrowed $646,000 against that total; an amount that grew to $1.1-million in 2013, as public disclosures released on Monday revealed.
Originally known as P.C. Bill 24 Trust, the party owned it when then-premier Peter Lougheed introduced widespread election reform and finance disclosure laws in 1977. The trust was grandfathered in, exempted from public disclosure laws.
Under current campaign finance laws, parties must reveal all of their assets.
“I don’t know if there’s $1 in there, $100 dollars or $1-million,” said Drew Westwater, a spokesperson for Elections Alberta. “I can’t comment on it beyond that. It’s something they have that other parties aren’t allowed to have, that’s fair to say.”
The only time the party is required to report on the Tapcal Trust is when it takes money out of the fund to finance party activities. According to documents obtained by the Post, the PCs have siphoned the interest earned on the trust and funnelled it into the party’s operating expenses since 1994.
The documents, annual letters to Elections Alberta, show that the amount of money moved into the party’s revenue stream has declined precipitously since the ’90s, reaching a record of $139,348.00 in 1996 and dropping rapidly after the financial crisis of 2008. Only $8,854.00 was transferred from the trust in 2010.
John Lucas/Postmedia News/Files
The party recorded relatively stable fundraising revenues in 2013 despite the political turmoil that eventually ousted former premier Alison Redford last month. Further, party spending has remained relatively stable over the past decade — election years excepted.
However, public disclosures continue to show the party falling ever deeper into debt and deficit. Although the party raised a respectable $2.2-million last year, its debt has almost doubled since last year. According to its public books, the party has a net negative asset position of $946,015 — an unprecedented figure for a party that has ruled the fundraising roost in one of the country’s wealthiest provinces for almost 43 years.
In order to finance the uncommonly competitive 2012 election, public disclosures show the party not only borrowed cash, it also liquidated $2-million in bonds stocks and securities and consumed about $1-million in cash that was on hand from 2011.
The existence of the Tapcal Trust seemed to come as a surprise to several people with long-standing ties with the party.
PC Party executive director Kelley Charlebois declined to answer any questions about the party’s financial position: He also declined to comment on how much the Tapcal Trust is worth.
“The PCAA does not discuss these sorts of financial matters,” he wrote.
‘They are so far in the hole that once they are elected [a new party leader] will have to spend 10 hours a day raising money’
Bill Moore-Kilgannon, executive director of the Public Interest Alberta advocacy group, called on the party to disclose full details of the trust.
“The party needs to come clean on this fund and Elections Alberta needs to investigate whether or not there is a breach of our current financial laws,” he said. “If this wouldn’t be allowed under current financial disclosure rules, then they need to close this loophole and make sure that all parties are treated equally.”
The PC Party’s financial troubles are sure to be exacerbated by the coming leadership race: The party is set to elect a new leader, and premier, on Sept. 30.
“Who would want the job?” asked former PC organizer Hal Walker, who was one of the former party faithful who defected to the Wildrose several years ago. “They are so far in the hole that once they are elected they will have to spend 10 hours a day raising money.”
One can never underestimate the power of being in government, however. Unlike the other parties, which generally rely on smaller donations from a greater number of people, disclosures show the PC are still heavily reliant on larger contributions from party loyalists and well-established Alberta companies — many of which have contracts with the government.
David Taras, a political analyst with Mount Royal University, said leadership campaigns tend to create a donation vacuum that wouldn’t help the PCs rebuild their balance sheet.
As for the Tapcal trust, he said he doubted the undisclosed asset would do much to help the party.
“At this point in time, the trust fund is probably pretty diminished, I’m guessing. But the very existence of it, the public does not know about it, party members don’t know about it, creates a blind spot. It’s a blind spot in Alberta politics and nobody knows how big that is.”
National Post

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I will write about the AER
and the failure of oversight

I will say the thoughts of a mummy
who is not a dummy

I will tell the stories of families in distress
(this is dismissed as not in my backyard grousing)

I will mutter mutter to big oil
that the future is already here   that future I was predicting

I will post the videos of the victims
so that you will also wonder

I will then join y'all in protesting
to the government of Alberta   that has no duty to the public

I will tell the story of the safely immune AER
(made immune from lawsuits by the PCs who y'all are trying to vote for again)

I will encourage y'all to ask questions of the UCP folks
about that Tapcal Trust Fund that the PCs had as a bank from private donors

I will speak about the families      and ask y'all if this happened
to your families   would y'all stay safely silent?  would you vote UCP which has the PCs in it?

Bruce Jack - Well Water Explosion - CBC News - October 2006

fred schwieger 
I would sure like to be able to talk to bruce jack. I have bad water that I believe is from seismic and EnCana.. please email me at I am curious when the last thing has been done or if anything has been done to fix this situation. I can not believe the power and the extent that this industry is willing to go thru for greed. I have five young children and would sure like to leave a place for them, but this country is desrtroying water, air and environment for cash. the needs of the many outweight the needs of the few. have you been advised to move yet? regulator my foot, a oil/gas funded group to protect the oil/gas industry. and given immunity, (if you can prove wrong doing)  by a government that seems to be inbed with this industry. good luck to all that have found themselves on this side if this industry.
Jean-Guy Levesque 
Sharing....terrible situation for résidents 
Yes, thanks for sharing.
Peter Warren 
thank you for sharing, this is good information for all landowners, a must watch!!!!!

Multi-Million Dollar Landmark North American Lawsuit on Hydraulic Fracturing and Its Impact on Groundwater

Suit accuses EnCana, Alberta Environment and Energy Resources Conservation Board of negligence and unlawful activities. Case presented at the United Nations in New York.
 April 27, 2011
Jessica Ernst by Colin Smith
Jessica Ernst on her land, photograph by Colin Smith
Nearly a decade ago EnCana, one of the world’s largest natural gas producers, began a risky and experimental drilling program that required intense hydraulic fracturing for shallow coalbed methane (Horseshoe Canyon Formation) throughout central Alberta.
Hydraulic fracturing blasts open oil, gas and coal formations with highly pressurized volumes of water, sand and undisclosed chemical fluids or gases. The technology has boosted natural gas reserves but has become the subject of serious government investigations throughout North America due to surface and groundwater contamination.
In Report 2011-A Alberta’s primary energy regulator, the Energy Resources Conservation Board (ERCB), recently disclosed that the potential for hydraulic fracturing to contaminate useable water aquifers with fracturing fluid chemicals and natural gas is a real public issue, especially in shallow zones.
On April 27, 2011 lawyers representing Jessica Ernst, a 54-year-old oil patch consultant, released a 73-page statement of claim that alleges that EnCana broke multiple provincial laws and regulations and contaminated a shallow aquifer used by a rural community with natural gas and toxic industry-related chemicals.
The claim methodically reports how Alberta’s two key groundwater regulators, Alberta Environment and the ERCB, “failed to follow the investigation and enforcement processes that they had established and publicized.”
The ERCB recently gave EnCana permission to drill and fracture more CBM wells above the base of groundwater protection near the affected water wells mentioned in this claim.
Jessica Ernst has been invited to present her story and make recommendations to governments at the 19th session of the Commission on Sustainable Development at the United Nations in New York.
The claim represents assertions that have not yet been proven in court.  All defendants will have the opportunity to respond in these proceedings.

Un procès historique Nord Américain de plusieurs millions de dollars à propos de la fracturation hydraulique et ses impacts sur la nappe phréatique

Le procès accuse EnCana, Alberta Environment et Energy Resources Conservation Board de négligence et d’activités illégales. La cause présentée devant les Nations Unies à New York.

Jessica Ernst by Colin Smith
Jessica Ernst chez elle, photo de Colin Smith
Il y a de cela presque une décennie, EnCana, l’une des plus importantes gazières du monde, a commencé un programme de forage risqué et expérimental nécessitant de la fracturation hydraulique intense afin d’extraire du méthane, en gaz de couche peu profonde dans la formation Horseshoe Canyon au cœur de l’Alberta.
La fracturation hydraulique provoque des failles dans les formations géologiques contenant du pétrole, du gaz et du charbon grâce à de grandes quantités d’eau injectées à haute pression avec du sable et des mélanges de fluides ou de gaz chimiques non divulgués. La technique permet d’exploiter des réserves de gaz naturel jusque-là inaccessibles, mais est l’objet d’enquêtes gouvernementales sérieuses à travers l’Amérique du Nord à cause de contaminations d’eaux de surface et souterraines.
Dans son rapport 2011-A, le principal organisme de contrôle de l’Alberta, l’Energy Resources Conservation Board (ERCB), a révélé que le potentiel des chimiques des fluides de fracturation et le gaz naturel de contaminer les aquifères d’eau potable est une véritable question d’intérêt public, surtout dans les régions peu profondes.
Le 27 avril 2011, les avocats de Jessica Ernst vont déposer une réclamation de 73 pages qui prétend qu’EnCana a enfreint à plusieurs lois et règlements provinciaux ainsi qu’avoir contaminé un aquifère peu profond desservant une communauté rurale avec du gaz naturel et des chimiques toxiques utilisés par l’industrie.
La réclamation détaille méthodiquement comment les deux principaux organismes de contrôle de l’eau souterraine de l’Alberta, Alberta Environment et le ERCB, ont “manqué dans leur tâche de suivre les procédés d’enquête et de mise en application qu’ils s’étaient fixé et avaient rendus public.”
Le ERCB avait donné dernièrement la permission à EnCana de forer et fracturer davantage de puits au-delà de la protection minimale de l’eau souterraine près des puits d’eau potable mentionnés dans cette réclamation.
Jessica Ernst a été invitée à présenter son histoire et faire ses recommandations aux gouvernements à la 19e session de la Commission de développement durable aux Nations Unis à New York.
La réclamation fait des déclarations qui n’ont pas été prouvées en cour de justice. Tous les défendeurs auront la possibilité d’y répondre durant ces procédures.


UNANIMA International Woman of Courage Award

NEW YORK, New York (October 1, 2011) UNANIMA International, a UN Economic and Social Council accredited NGO working for international justice at the United Nations celebrates its 10th Anniversary Saturday by presenting its annual WOMAN OF COURAGE award to Jessica Ernst of Rosebud, Alberta, internationally known for her efforts to hold companies accountable for environmental harm done by “fracking”.
Ernst, a 54 year old scientist with 30 years petroleum industry experience, is suing the Alberta government, Energy Resources Conservation Board (ERCB) and EnCana for negligence and unlawful activities.
Nearly a decade ago EnCana, one of the world’s largest natural gas producers, began a risky and experimental drilling program that applied intense hydraulic fracturing for shallow coalbed methane throughout central Alberta. Ms. Ernst’s statement of claim alleges that EnCana broke multiple provincial laws and regulations and contaminated a shallow aquifer that supplied drinking water to the Rosebud community with natural gas and toxic industry-related chemicals. The claim methodically reports how Alberta’s two key groundwater regulators, Alberta Environment and the ERCB, “failed to follow the investigation and enforcement processes that they had established and publicized.” The allegations have yet to be proven in court.
Hydraulic fracturing uses “brute force” to blast open oil, gas and coal formations with highly pressurized chemical fluids or gases. It is the subject of serious government investigations throughout North America. In 2002, the Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment held a Linking Water Science to Policy Workshop. The workshop report concluded that unconventional natural gas drilling posed a real threat to groundwater quality and quantity, and that the nation needs “baseline hydrogeological investigations…to be able to recognize and track groundwater contaminants.” Not until nine years later on September 21 2011, did the Canadian government announce that it would initiate two studies to determine whether hydraulic fracturing is harming the environment.
UNANIMA International chose Ms. Ernst as its awardee this year as a part of its international “Water = Life” campaign. “Access to life-giving water is an essential right for all life forms,” stated the UNANIMA coordinator, Catherine Ferguson. “Our members have experienced fracking as an enormous danger to their fresh water supply wherever it is carried out. We applaud Ms. Ernst’s courage in standing up for her rights.”
The award and a lecture by Ms. Ernst will be given at the 10th Anniversary reception for UNANIMA International in New York at the Church Center of the United Nations, 777 UN Plaza, just across from the United Nations building on East 44th Street. The event begins at 11:00 am.
UNANIMA International
211 East 43rd Street, Room 1207
New York, NY 10017
Tel:/Fax 212-370-0075 (Office)


UNANIMA International Prix Femme de Courage

NEW YORK, New York (1er Octobre 2011) UNANIMA International, un ONG qui travaille pour la justice au niveau international en harmonie avec la charte des Nations Unies pour améliorer les conditions économiques et sociales de tous les peuples, a célébré son 10e anniversaire samedi en présentant son prix Femme de Courage à Jessica Ernst de Rosebud, en Alberta, reconnue internationalement pour ses efforts à tenir les compagnies redevables pour les dommages environnementaux causés par la fracturation hydraulique.
Mme Ernst, une scientifique âgée de 54 ans avec 30 ans d’expérience avec l’industrie pétrolière, entame un procès contre le gouvernement de l’Alberta, l’Energy Resources Conservation Board (ERCB) et EnCana, les accusant de négligence et d’activités illégales.
Il y a presque une décennie de cela, EnCana, l’une des compagnies gazières les plus importantes de la planète, a commencé un programme expérimental de forages qui consistait à fracturer hydrauliquement à la recherche du méthane dans les couches peu profondes de charbon au travers la région centrale de l’Alberta. La déclaration de Mme Ernst prétend qu’EnCana a enfreint à plusieurs lois et règlements provinciaux et aurait contaminé un aquifère superficiel qui fournissait de l’eau potable à la communauté de Rosebud avec du gaz naturel et des chimiques toxiques associés à l’industrie. La réclamation rapporte méthodiquement comment les deux principaux principaux régulateurs des eaux souterraines de l’Alberta, Alberta Environment et l’ERCB, ont failli dans leur devoir de suivre l’enquête et le processus de mise en application qu’ils avaient déterminé et publicisé. La preuve de ces allégations doit être faite en cour de justice.
La fracturation hydraulique utilise la force brute pour éclater les formations géologiques contenant du pétrole, du gaz ou du charbon grâce à des fluides ou des gaz injectés à haute pression. C’est un sujet sous enquêtes gouvernementales sérieuses partout en Amérique du Nord. En 2002, le Conseil canadien des ministres de l’environnement ont tenu un atelier sur les sciences de l’eau et les politiques. Le rapport de l’atelier a conclu que le forage pour le gaz naturel non conventionnel était une menace réelle à la qualité de l’eau souterraine et sa quantité, et que la nation devait faire une enquête hydrogéologique pour établir un niveau de référence afin de pouvoir reconnaître et suivre les contaminants dans les eaux souterraines. Enfin, 9 années plus tard, le 21 septembre 2011, le gouvernement canadien a annoncé qu’il lancerait 2 études afin de déterminer si la fracturation hydraulique nuit à l’environnement.
UNANIMA International a choisi Mme Ernst comme récipiendaire cette année en partie à cause de sa campagne internationale Eau=Vie. “L’accès à l’eau, source de toute vie, est un droit essentiel pour toutes les êtres vivants”, affirme Catherine Ferguson, coordonnatrice de UNANIMA. “Nos membres ont constaté que la fracturation est une menace importante pour leur source d’eau douce partout où il s’en fait. Nous applaudissons le courage de Mme Ernst qui défend ses droits.”
La cérémonie de remise de prix et une conférence donnée par Mme Ernst se dérouleront à la réception du 10e anniversaire d’UNANIMA International à New York au Church Center des Nations Unies, 777 UN Plaza, en face de l’édifice des Nations Unies sur la 44e Street East, à 11:00 heures.
UNANIMA International
211 East 43rd Street, Chambre 1207
New York, NY 10017
Tel:/Fax 212-370-0075 (Office)

What Fresh Hell is This? Fracking Alberta

What Fresh Hell is This? September 10, 2011 
Across Alberta and in the community of North West Rocky View, hydraulic fracturing is being forced on us with a vengeance. We need to know what we are dealing with for our own protection.

Jessica Ernst - Powers Workshop - Cochrane - September 10, 2011

Jessica Ernst, The Consequences of Fracking

Published on May 21, 2012

Phillip H George 
Thank You, Well Done Bravo!
David Marley 
A scientist speaks her mind."No healthy community will allow hydraulic fracturing because it is not safe.Governments say what happened to you will never happen here. But it already has, just in a different state"  We are getting the same mantra in Australia  and already fracking chemicals have contaminated the water table of the Avon valley around the country town of Gloucester, NSW,
kara moats 
Stay strong. Thank you!
We now have the power to end this corporate fascist nightmare; the powers that were have been foreclosed by the new Universal Commercial code that has become law - read it, know it, know your rights - you are now free - go to the wakeupworld website, read about the One People's Public Trust - all-corporations-banks-and-governments-lawfully-foreclosed-by-oppt/ 
Barbara Boyce 
Thanks for more great exposure.
Vera Scroggins 
yes, excellent; the patterns of degradation of environment and society are happening here in Pa.. 
Wow, this is fantastic. I got to meet Jessica when Shaleshock Media recorded her presentation in Elmira. This is exactly what they are saying in NY now. Thanks for sharing. 

Kathryn S. 
I was one of 29 people who actually got to speak with Ms. Ernst last night. An amazing woman with incredible sincerity. It was a pleasure to speak with her and hear her answers to questions we Barry County Residents had regarding frac'g and her personal story. Thank you, Aaron & Jessica.

In Bad Faith - Jessica Ernst - March 25, 2014

Vera Scroggins 
great story and great woman power....
Joyce Paulson 
Many Thanks to ALL involved in the making of this video. I Am appalled.... that there are only 916 views of This Video!!! I am sharing this Far and Wide! Btw...Alta Mesa O&G Co. Has just had legislation passed Giving them Carte blanche In Our neck of the Woods....IDAHO, USA
the same exact things are happening in the US especially Pennsylvania!
Joe Smith 
If you want, you can help Jessica and her fight against fracing at:
Linda Smith 
Shared this.  People need to know.
Johanne Dion 
Well done Jess and Will! Thank you both!
Anthony Hall 
Great work. Thank you Jessica Ernst and William Koop.

Fracking Lawsuit - Jessica Ernst - Canada

Published on Aug 6, 2015

Jessica Ernst May 13, 2017

Published on Jun 8, 2017
Jessica Ernst presentation at Cochrane Ranchehouse, Alberta, May 13, 2017.

Ernst’s talk entitled, “To What Extent Does Abuse of Power Help Oil and Gas Development in Canada?”, is revealing and deeply disturbing.

She presents evidence of EnCana illegally fracturing and contaminating her community’s drinking water aquifers, with the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER), Alberta Environment, and Alberta Research Council (now, Alberta Innovates) engaging in fraud to cover it up, assisted by officials high in government - including then Minister of Environment Guy Boutilier and then Deputy Minister of Environment Peter Watson (later promoted or possibly rewarded by the Harper government to Chair Canada’s National Energy Board).

Ernst poignantly exposes the endless hurdles and costly barriers for ordinary citizens seeking restitution in Canada’s “Justice” system. She describes her lawsuit, filed in 2007, against the AER, Alberta Environment and EnCana, and details how Chief Justice Neil C. Wittmann, Alberta Court of Queen's Bench, let the industry-funded AER off the hook because it is legally immune, but not taxpayer-funded Alberta Environment off even though it too is legally immune.

Ernst describes the stress of waiting a year for the Supreme Court of Canada’s 4/1/4 split ruling fabricating facts and letting the Charter-violating AER off the hook, weakening Constitutional Rights for all civil citizens and adding to the massive ongoing deregulation needed by industry to frack Canadians from Coast to Coast to Coast.

Ernst questions apparent abuse of power by Canada’s former Prime Minister, Steve Harper, as relating to her legal case, including members of his anti-terrorist squad arriving unannounced at Ernst’s home harassing and trying to intimidate her shortly after her legal papers were served on the defendants.

Ernst says she will never sign a Confidentiality Agreement (Gag Order) used by law violators and the courts to hide industry’s contamination from the public. She believes such Gag Orders must be made illegal.

Ernst’s presentation, her most powerful to date, follows an equally powerful presentation by world-renowned investigative journalist Andrew Nikiforuk ( Ernst was the focus of Nikiforuk’s recent book, Slick Water: Fracking and One Insider’s Stand against the World's Most Powerful Industry (

The event was filmed, edited, produced and self-financed by Will Koop, Coordinator of the BC Tap Water Alliance ( Mr. Koop filmed Nikiforuk and Ernst on two previous co-presentations.

Impacts of Fracking and Renewable Energy Alternatives, held on May 13, 2017 in Cochrane, was hosted by ACORRDS (Albertans Concerned Over Responsible Resource Development Society).

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Diana Daunheimer - Lawsuit on frack harms - Didsbury, Alberta - Sept. 18, 2015

Mel Mar 
So it's ok if your husband aides in polluting the Earth. Thanks for going through this process, maybe your husband should think about what his contribution is to the problem.

S McCumsey 
People need to start talking a whole lot more. We are committing suicide in multiple ways.
Julie Ali 
I don't think Diana Daunheimer's husband it to blame in this case do you? Why are you bringing his occupation up? Many Albertans work in the oil and gas industry. This doesn't make us willing to put up with fracking harm. One's occupation doesn't make us into polluters.
I can't understand why your husband continues to work for this toxic industry especially when they are harming your children. Thank you for this but it's confusing when you talk about your brother and husband?
Julie Ali 
In Alberta, many people work for the oil and gas industry. It pays for the bills of life. Some of us do however want the problems of the industry to be remedied. Just because you work in the industry doesn't mean that you cannot bring up the problems of the industry for remedy. In fact, this is the duty of all good citizens. Diana is being exceptionally brave and putting her family at financial risk just to do the job that the government of Alberta and the AER fails to do which is ensure compliance and provide remedy for ongoing problems. In the case of fracking pollution the GOA appears to be both ignorant and indifferent to the health and safety issues to the public. But there you go. Folks will blame courageous folks like Diana for her husband's work that pays the bills for the family while meandering away from the topic at hand which is fracking is causing problems that are not being addressed by the GOA. Forget the AER.
Jule Asterisk 
Thanks for posting! You are brave, and very literate in order to go through this process. Scary times! I'm hopeful that your actions and lawsuits, along with Jessica Ernst, will have a long term effect that can help all the other people suffering from hydrocarbon extraction
Julie Ali 
Diana is being very brave. Lawsuits cost a ton of cash. And the system is not designed for efficiency as the case of Jessica Ernst illustrates. If folks really want to help Jessica they can donate to her: Donate Jessica Ernst Jessica, Magic and Bandit, photograph by Maggie Dickeson You can help! Contributions made to Jessica will help pay for the countless ongoing expenses of a court case, including court fees, transcript costs, court document production costs, fees charged by experts to testify in court and numerous other costs that must be paid as the price of entry to the justice system. Contributions may also go towards offsetting legal fees.
Joe Smith 
Eco-terrorist companies are destroying people's lives.

Citizens doing the work avoided by the GOA and the AER. Because the government of Alberta and the energy regulator simply don't work in the public interest.

Andrew Nikiforuk presentation at the Cochrane Ranchehouse, in Cochrane, Alberta, on May 13, 2017. The event, Impacts of Fracking and Renewable Energy Alterna...

Andrew Nikiforuk, Cochrane, May 13, 2017

Friday, June 28, 2013

does he still himself to see the future that is coming?

since I cannot sleep
I will write a poem
about magic
and present it
to him

I will say that he is a best friend
to someone  I love
and that we both
support her
(he perhaps more than I)

when he sits in Rosebud
and thinks about Jess
what does he think about inside his soul?
does he wonder why she doesn’t simply
stop the work that never ends?

does he think about retirement
and the good work of silence?
does he still himself     to see the future that is coming?
when magic peels off the hours
what does he think about?

is he content with his life?
and if he is
perhaps I can learn from him this simplicity
that a life need not be large
to be tender     as his life is

I put down magic
in the poem
I have him facing the sunset
and thinking about Jessica
I have the still story of magic as I go to sleep


Jessica Ernst
Jessica, Magic and Bandit, photograph by Maggie Dickeson
You can help! Contributions made to Jessica will help pay for the countless ongoing expenses of a court case, including court fees, transcript costs, court document production costs, fees charged by experts to testify in court and numerous other costs that must be paid as the price of entry to the justice system.  Contributions may also go towards legal fees. Donations can be made online (below), or by sending a cheque made out to “Klippensteins, in Trust for Jessica Ernst” to Klippensteins Barristers & Solicitors, Suite 300, 160 John Street, Toronto ON, M5V 2E5.
Enter your information and click donate
 Other amount:

 Magic after sunset at Rosebud.
Many thanks for the donations.
They're a huge help.

Lilly Wood & The Prick and Robin Schulz - Prayer In C (Robin Schulz Remix) (Official)

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