Thursday, August 3, 2017

tummy troubles

Because my stomach upset is over (or at least I think it is over) I will bring my mum home tomorrow after lunch.
I don't think I feel well enough to go hiking on the weekend.
So I will wait to go hiking until Wednesday August 9, 2017. This is the day I take Rebecca to the doctor.
Once this appointment is done with I can go hiking.
Hopefully I will feel better by then.
The garden is a mess right now.
I have some pots that I have collected from garage sales and I want to buy some potting soil to repot my healthy Petunias. The dying ones I am still nursing back to life.
But I don't feel like doing it now. I may not bring Rebecca home until Saturday as I do not want her to get this stomach bug. She picks up every stomach bug around.
Mum should be OK with the bugs as she hardly eats anything at my house. She did have some ice cream today which isn't a meal but there you go. I gave her a salad and some fruit that Sue got her to chow down on as I was sick.
Younger boy is working on his portfolio. Well I hope he is working on his portfolio as I don't feel well enough to spy on him to confirm this.
The day is over. I am craving a cookie now that the stomach is settling but I think this is a bad idea so I will look for a piece of hard toast.
And butter it.
That should keep me going.
Dad made the curry that got my stomach all upset. No one is having the same problems like I am but since I had my C-sections for both the boys, the adhesions that were left have made my stomach a bit up and down. Usually the whorls of intestine do not like rich or chilli foods and the vegetable curry with the whole chillies in them did me in.
I will stay away from dad's cooking for this week until things settle down.
This is how my tummy feels (but without the dishes).
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