Wednesday, August 9, 2017

This and That-- Wednesday August 9, 2017

Tomorrow is another appointment for Rebecca at 9:45 am at the Misericordia Hospital. Things are ramping up now.
I have left her after today's appointment at the Villa. She was tuckered out and her goose bump on her head is still big.
Younger boy has done his first driving lesson. There will be more lessons this week. Hopefully he will like it and want to become an independent driver soon.
I had a brief nap which was helpful as I was grumpy. Now it is already evening and supper will be the rice I made yesterday, something on the BBQ and a salad. My library books need picking up so I will go do to this now.
As for Rebecca, things are moving swiftly and the planet is still intact. She's a fighter and we hope she will be OK. It's tough when you have a family member with a disability and more illness is put on her plate but you gotta keep trucking.
Sue looked tired today and she also had to have a nap. She's sent a small care parcel to Jessica Ernst who is going through hell but there you go. We can't do much. But the little we can do might be enough.
On Monday is the certificate presentation for Ruth Adria at the Mill Woods Seniors Association. This is for that application that I made to the 2017 Minister's Seniors Service Awards. They call it a "Community Celebration Event". Thanks to Edward Redshaw, my application got a reference. The hardest part of these award application is finding folks to write reference letters. It's going to be early -from 9 to 11 am so we have to pick up Ruth by 8 am. It's rush hour and busy on the Whitemud Freeway so I don't want to be late. This is just the certificate presentation. The real awards will be presented later in the year. I haven't done the national award for Ruth as yet as things have been clumped up in my head with family stuff to do. Also we did not expect my nephew and his friend being stranded in Calgary due to the forest fires disrupting their planned back country trip to BC so this had to be figured in.
It's all about trucking. Keep trucking.
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