Tuesday, August 1, 2017

This and That - Tuesday August 1, 2017

It was raining when hubby went to see Dr. Krysa at Imagine Health. He had his yearly check up. They have a nurse now which is helpful. The staff are very nice.
After the checkup which was very thorough hubby went for blood work and there will be follow up tests later in the month when he has the time.
Mum was dropped off after lunch. I went to pick up Rebecca and they are now watching a horrific show on TV. With Tom Cruise in it. I don't want to even stay in the same room with this show so I decided to write.
I think it is the Avengers or something.
Anyway I got the potatoes boiled this morning as they were all becoming mushy. I had left them in the closet over the weekend hiking and they turned yucky.
I got rid of some of them but the rest are in good shape. I have boiled them for potato salad and hash browns.
Then there is pasta sauce to make. We have left over celery and I will use it for the tomato sauce. I got some onions from the garden.
But right now I feel very sleepy. I want to have a nap on the sofa and this is probably the right thing to do before making the pasta sauce.
Sometimes a day feels very enveloped in silence and stillness. Today feels like one of these days. Since I am running a sort of respite place for mum and Rebecca it's good to feel enveloped in peace. Either peace or be grumpy keeping them occupied. Mum has already folded my laundry. She has cut up my onions. And then I gave her the celery to chop. I have run out of things for her to do so I am going to be napping.
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