Thursday, August 10, 2017

This and That-- Thursday August 10, 2017

I took Rebecca to her doctor's appointment. She has two more appointments to go. It is a lot of stuff.
I then dropped her off to the Villa.
She was sleepy and a bit worried but I had to go pick up mum.
I picked up mum and she is here in the house watching Walt Disney movies. I will give her my laundry on the line to dry.
I have a new load to hang up for when she comes on Saturday for the day. On Saturday I take dad to his appointment with a specialist.
Really it begins to feel as if my head is full of appointments.
But I got books yesterday from the Riverbend Public Library.
Younger boy will now go for his second driving lesson. I won't teach him to drive as I drive like an old lady. Hopefully there won't be problems.
The nephew and his buddy phoned for an early pick up from their back country hike in the Kananaskis Country. Hubby will drive out to Calgary tomorrow with younger boy. I can't go because of the daddy appointment. Also I have to be here on Monday for Ruth Adria's certificate presentation. So hubby will have to drop our nephew and friend off at the Calgary Airport on Monday. They are hiking on Saturday and Sunday. They are doing the whole Yamnuska loop. I fear for the life of younger boy and have checked that hubby's insurance is up to date.There is no point trying to dissuade men about hiking trips like this. They are pig headed.
Well I better go back to the laundry. It is going to be hot dogs again for supper.
Sue gave me a couple of succulents that I will pot inside the house. They are gorgeous. Maybe this time I won't kill them off.
Remedios Varo
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