Saturday, August 5, 2017

the antidote to loneliness is family time

Outside the sun has laid a milky paw on the side of the park. The wet has not dissipated the heat which sits with a big bum on the grasses.
I have taken mum home. At the end of the day she was complaining about her bed mattress. It needs to be changed.
Vaguely I wondered to myself why everything becomes a repeated refrain at the end of our lives. Comfort is a big thing. Mattress. Sofa. Chair. And mobility is hard.
When I got home I had my chocolate chip cookie. It's no use thinking of supper yet. It's too light out and there is no need for anything more than the cookie. Younger boy is still eating his sandwich from lunch.
In the summer the days are segmented like a tapeworm. Part of the proglottids of time break off casually to infect the tract of the day.
I could sit here and write in this desultory fashion for ages. I have read my two Avram Davidson stories and again wondered how he does it but I haven't found out so I can't be him. All I might do is to copy out his few stories that I like and pretend to be him.
It's what I do when I am in trance with a writer. I take a story they have written and I type it out complete and at the end of it I pretend I am him. I know. Very pathetic. But you have to try.
Now that the day is crushed soda pop can in my hands there is still tomorrow to wonder about. I don't feel like repotting all the garden plants outside that I thought about repotting. This would require I go buy more soil for the transplantation process. This means I have to do this picking up before getting Rebecca at the Villa place for her home visit.
Home visits are important. I think it keeps folks out of boredom mode. If you are stuck inside all the time like Rebecca and mum it's all the more important to get out and do a bit of family time.
Mind you they don't do much except eat fruit and have a bit of ice cream if it is unbearably hot in the house. And perhaps see a show of Dr. Phil. Or America's Funniest Videos. But I guess being out of solitary is important. Loneliness is a sad thing. This is why it is important to have some human contact. You can be in a family and still be lonely of course. But it is less likely to happen if you are taken out by family and put into the house where the family lives. This is why Rebecca comes home; at my house I have made a corner for her art work and she gets to do what she wants when she wants do to it. Mum has her laundry center and she knows her job. She gets to lie on the fat sofa if she had a bad day and I get to read my books on the sofa nearby. It's not complete escape from loneliness but better than being in a house or a facility with no one to be with. Being with someone is also good for the physical health.
The issue isn’t just social, it’s a public-health crisis in waiting. If you suffer from chronic loneliness, you run the risk of illness, and premature death.
“This is a bigger problem than we realize,” says Ami Rokach, a psychologist and lecturer at York University in Toronto, who has been researching the subject for more than three decades.
“Loneliness has been linked to depression, anxiety, interpersonal hostility, increased vulnerability to health problems, and even to suicide.”
Too many among us never pine for peace and quiet, because that’s all we ever get
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