Thursday, August 10, 2017

telescoping heads of sunflowers

This year the sunflowers self seeded scantily and there were only a few of them dotting the landscape.
A small congregation of them church by the clematis vine with telescoping heads preaching to the wide open faces of the purple clematis blooms. The conversion of the savage clematis vine by the sunflowers is ongoing.
Meanwhile I have lain on a sofa watching my mother as she scans the week's flyers for me. I give them to her to go through as this sort of deliberation is good for the brain. I ask her to find me bread on sale. She offers up several possibilities and again I think about making bread at home.
This would be difficult as my oven is dead.
But the toaster oven I got at a garage sale might work.
After eating hot dogs again for a meal I ponder on tomorrow's meals.
The flyers need to be checked as I will buy what is on sale. Peaches. Yes peaches. Peaches as golden as the sunflowers telescoping out of the clematis vine outside.
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