Saturday, August 5, 2017

reading Avram Davidson - Saturday August 5, 2017

After spending all afternoon napping and watching cats do funny things on America's Funniest Videos (I only watch the cat videos) I felt my brain was going to explode so I left mum with a piece of toast and blue cheese and came to the untidy writing room where the geraniums are flooded with flowers. I have refrained from watering them as the Aloe Vera were getting black spots which I think means too much water. The Cyclamen is also dying. I don't know why.
Only the patient geraniums pot bound and faithful produce their harvest of flowers and wait for liberation. Eventually before it is winter, I will repot them and hopefully remember the drying out African violets which need repotting as well.
Watching TV shows is novel as I don't watch until mum or Rebecca come over. Then younger boy has to put on the TV as I don't know how to put it on. The TV is actually not a TV but really attached to the computer which must be fiddled with to show the canned shows. After a few shows I feel I am living in an alternate universe and have to retreat to safety.
Mum wants to go home but no one is home. Dad is working the entire long weekend at the clinic.
I have made a slice of toast as the pancake she had a bit of for lunch is still only half eaten.
The blue cheese is a hopeful addition.
The peach slices remain in the bowl.
The freshly picked golden raspberries--a handful -got eaten.
Younger boy got a sandwich.
I don't know what we will eat for supper.
I don't know how hubby is doing with our nephew and his friend in the wilderness in the mountain parks. They are both 18 year old and fit; hubby may have a bit of trouble keeping up with them but better him than me. At least hubby bikes and doesn't sit in a chair in a dusty writing room writing posts.
Because of my nap I am no longer grumpy. I feel as if I can read the rest of my Avram Davidson books. They have to go back to the library soon as they come from the TAL Online place and I can't renew them.
Well I better go and finish them off. They are very good. When I feel bland I just go read Avram Davidson and the entire frame of the universe and self changes. He is metaphorical, wise and elegant in his use of language. Reading him is sort of like the "Magic Flower Game" of Dorothea Tanning.
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