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Nicole Wetsch Love the people who expect the NDP to fix 44 years of PC created mess in 2 years. lol Like · Reply · 1 · 4 hrs Manage Julie Ali Julie Ali Nicole Wetsch And why not? Can't do the job? Well then lets hire new people.

Can't do the work of change? Then let us hire new folks.
I am tired of people telling me that the NDP folks need more time to end 44 years of corruption.
Why do they need more time?
Don't they have the backbones to do the work of change?
Do they have to watch out for all the PC inserts in every department?
Or are there problems with high end executive contracts?
Here is an idea.
Starting firing folks we are paying for with no deliverables. Give them fair severance and lay them off.
Maybe then we will get the change in the culture of GOA and the ABCS that is absolutely required.
On Thursday morning, Fildebrandt issued a statement offering to donate his Airbnb earnings of $2,555 to help pay down provincial debt.

United Conservative Party MLA Derek Fildebrandt says there’s nothing wrong with him subletting his downtown Edmonton apartment while claiming...
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Lucia Iorio Well Derek. ... that is what us working people call "Double Dipping".... can't believe I have to point that out to you.... oh..right you are a conservative.... Marie Antoinette famously said "let them eat cake" should be a tag line for the party....
Kevin Dunbar So quick to point this out as a "conservative" thing. You need to grow up. Has nothing to do with the party, or the conservative movement, and EVERYTHING to do with the man himself.
Kelly Wolfert Kevin Dunbar, the entitlement that follows the conservative right is now part of the UPC. The merger didn't make that go away. That entitlement is something the party has to address to voters. It's a real thing. So real there are election results to prove it. 
But yes ... it also speak very poorly for Fild. His defense of it shows how that above comment becomes valid. Albertans have seen it before.
Julie Ali Kevin Dunbar Somehow we have seen a lot of Conservatives using the system to make out like bandits legally. Eg. Redford's Sky Palace when they were all trying to shut down the Michener Centre. Then the Duffy expenditures with various other senators showing us their elite and entitled use of the expense accounts. Finally we have the long history of the CEOs of the health authorities being paid major severance by the Conservative party in Alberta because.. .well I guess they all deserve money for being laid off. It's sad but the fiscally conservative folks are as wasteful as the NDP folks.
Julie Ali eg of NDP waste--how about the $235 million "loan" to big oil for the orphan well program that is not our liability? What of the $30 million by the federal government for economic stimulation that was wasted to ensure this "loan" was tax free? All political parties waste money. Lucky for us we have now an example of the UCP folks doing the same junk.
Lucia Iorio Well Julie. ... a quick Google search on my part shows the Orphan Well Program was started in 2001 and I do believe the Conservative party was in power at the time, apparently there was no mechanism put in place to enforce stringent fines/penalties ...very unfortunate...what to do now with all the wells industry is walking away from....

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Harvey Bishop Julie Ali The fact is, the Alberta PCs, in the last 30 years, did the most costliest scandals in Canadian history. Try looking at things like the $600 million NovaTel scandal, the now $5 billion Swan Hills waste treatment plant blunder, the almost $500...See More

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Julie Ali Lucia Iorio The PCs gave the orphan well program $30 million. The NDP are giving $30 million to make this interest free "loan". Do you think we will get the $235 million paid back? And why are we paying for the liabilities of big oil? What we should be doing now that oil companies are walking away is kicking butt. We hired the NDP to do this and instead they are handing over public dollars to pay for the messes left by the industry.

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Julie Ali Harvey Bishop So what? The PCs messed up. We fired them remember? Now the NDP folks need to clean up the messes of the PCs. Or are they just coasting? We have already seen the billion dollars given to the power plants for early phase out of coal, the ...See More

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Julie Ali Harvey Bishop As for the children in the foster care system who are dying--we're still waiting for the #PanelPolitics spin to be revealed to us in an exact mimicry of the #RoundTableOfSpin of the good old Tory days. In Alberta the parties never perform. They just spin.

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Nicole Wetsch Love the people who expect the NDP to fix 44 years of PC created mess in 2 years. lol

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Julie Ali Nicole Wetsch And why not? Can't do the job? Well then lets hire new people.

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