Sunday, August 6, 2017


I got these two cantaloupes because we have a fondness for them but they turned out to be lacklustre. So I am pairing them with ice cream to make them tasty. Only problem is that the ice cream I got from Sobeys is frozen rock like and I have to hack at it. I guess it isn't ice cream after all but some sort of imitation thing.
Rebecca had what I could hack out of it as well as cantaloupe, strawberries, apricot and peaches. I give her a variety of fruits when she is over. The crock pot stew turned out good with the stir fry beef strips that I cut small and added all my leftover veggies to. Only person who has to eat it is younger boy.
The Telus person came to the front door to speak about fibre optics. I did not have the account number so I was not able to make an appointment to get the install done. Apparently someone has to be home for upwards of four hours and until I find the account number I won't be able to make the appointment.
Because stuff is still messy in the house I am trying slowly to put order over chaos. The bills are in their own file now. I have to look over the online bills to see if there is any record of the Telus account.
Meanwhile I feel sleepy. Younger boy has put on documentaries about creativity so that Rebecca's brain will be stimulated. All the TV shows have done were to make me feel sleepy.
I have reread the creepy story "The House the Blakeneys Built " which is especially pertinent now that the voters in Alberta will be faced with the dilemma of choosing between foxes and wolves as politicians in the next provincial election. Neither choice is good so this is why I will be going for the interim solution of the Alberta Party which is like all political parties in my opinion in being lacklustre in customer service but certainly not wolf like or fox like.
At least not yet.
Now that I am ready for a nap I'd better go do it before I forget to take Rebecca back in time for supper at the Villa. The parking is terrible right now as the long term care section is gradually eating up all the space.
But the nap.
Let me go catch a few winks of sleep.
Remedios Varo
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