Tuesday, August 8, 2017

napping all day

So Sue came and picked up mum. The day is coming to a slow close. As I walked with mum pushing her stroller to Sue's car I noted a whole forest of mushrooms in the park grass. If these were edible I could make mushroom omelettes for weeks.
Tomorrow Rebecca has her appointment. Then I take her back to the Villa. I have errands to run straight after.
I haven't done any investigations today. Mostly I have napped. The washing is still in the washing machine waiting for me to put on the line. Maybe tomorrow.
Younger boy is still working on the portfolio. It's a big thing. I would be tired of doing it if I were him.
Soon we will go on holidays. When I go on holidays once a year I don't do any computer stuff or blogging. I ignore writing.
It's best to do a complete break from yapping on the Internet and rest the brain.
I will have to pack for the holiday soon. My poor nephew and his friend are somewhere in the back country in Kananaskis country from Monday to Saturday when hubby picks them up from their pick up spot. They don't have a car so they will have to time themselves appropriately. Hopefully they won't have a bear encounter and they will be safe.
At least they are both 18 years old and fit; they are unlikely to get exhausted and quit. Hubby said they were running up the mountain at Lake Louise in some sort of ecstatic frenzy that I can dimly remember from my own youthful hiking days. Now I just plod like an old goat up the mountain and hope not to fall off the mountain on the way down driving both my poles into the ground as I skim down.
Hubby plans to do the whole of Yamnuska on Sunday with them. I told him if he is going to die to make sure that his insurance policy is up to date. There is no way I am going up this mountain again. They will do the chains and come round in a circle.
Here is someone else's description of this hard hike:
Kyrstyn Mrochuk
hiking3 days ago
- Views, views, views.
- It tests your skill levels and technical abilities
- Relatively reasonable day hike
- Slippery when wet
- Lots of scrambling, rock climbing/bouldering, chains with ledges. Again, it tests your technical abilities and if you are scared of heights it might not work out for you
- Relatively busy
CAUTION: Slippery when wet!!
We did this hike on Aug 5, 2017. From the base to the false summit are relatively moderate, not a lot of scrambling and only a few technical climbs. From the false summit to the top is where it gets suuuuper interesting. When we hit the false summit it started raining, and those giant boulders you start climbing over get pretty slippery when wet. Had to be extra slow and extra careful with our footing. A few points I was actually on my butt dragging myself to the next boulder so I wouldn't slip. The chain was pretty scary, especially since both the chain and the ledge were both wet.
The summit was fantastic and the way down was difficult in a different way. Lots of loose scree on a narrow path, PLEASE make sure to bring good hiking shoes and trekking poles. The screen run down the side of the mountain was a fun experience as well!
Overall, I was challenged both mentally and physically, and I came out on top. This hike was 100% worth it, and it has grown my appreciation for the majesty and power of the mountains.
ALSO: WE STOLE YOUR BUGSPRAY BY ACCIDENT! If you are the Eastern European dudes from Calgary who nicely lent us your bug spray after we forgot ours, we didn't mean to steal your bottle. We were exhausted after the hike and it completely slipped our minds. We will gladly send you a new bottle of bug spray if you see this!
Yamnuska Ridge & CMC Valley Trail is a 5.7 mile moderately trafficked loop trail located near Bighorn No 8, Alberta, Canada that features a great forest setting and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, nature trips,…
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