Monday, August 7, 2017

Like Leonora Carrington, I too wanted to be a bird and sing.

The mosquitoes are biting. When I went out into the drizzly moisty back garden that has a wet pile of laundry on the deck they landed like bombers on me and I had to dump and flee the compost bin.
The mosquitoes were all absent until the recent wet weather in the garden so I thought this would be a mosquito free zone for the entire summer but no luck. I have to find my mosquito repellent.
The day is very grey outside. I will go buy strawberries and some bread after mopping the floors. The toilets need cleaning so that might be something to do. I don't feel very awake and I have books to return to the library today before I get a fine. Then the library is closed so I will have to pick up my books that are requests tomorrow.
In my house the circulatory system is entirely of print and the corpuscles of words fill my body.
Where was I? I had two fried eggs for breakfast and two toast. The bread making project that I was going to restart has stalled because hubby has no interest in it. I don't know how to make bread and hubby did--well at least he made very yeasty tasting tough bread and I wanted to know how to do the loaves at home.
Folks seem to know how to do this kind of stuff on the Homesteading group I belong to and it's very encouraging for me. I made a beef stew yesterday that younger boy picked through and Rebecca liked so it may be that practice and some confidence is all I need to make bread.
But for now it's mopping floors and cleaning toilets.
In these FB posts I feel as if I am writing the same characters on an egg of meaning that is completely mysterious to me. I will go have a cup of coffee.
Like Leonora Carrington, I too wanted to be a bird and sing.
Quería ser pájaro [I wanted to be a bird]

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