Saturday, August 5, 2017

just like that the grumpy is all gone

Mum is here and soon I will go pick up Rebecca.
The sun is finally struggling out of the bed of clouds. It was misty when I got mum this morning. Very dull start as she is napping on the sofa (she did not sleep well last night).
I am feeling a bit grumpy now after being told off by a FB friend. Oh well that is fine. Life is good and this too will pass.
The pancake mix is in the fridge. I will go make a couple for younger boy who is just now in the shower and rousing himself. Even though it is now lunch time I will give him breakfast.
Best to think about gifts and not losses. Best to laugh and hope rather than be grumpy. Best to see that the world is always the way it is and we need not be unhappy. It's a choice. Right now--- I am choosing pancakes slathered in butter, syrup and family. And I am putting all the grumpy away.

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