Wednesday, August 2, 2017

in the dark dark woods of the continuing care system

I went for a walk about the neighbourhood. It is very sweet outside. The gardens are lush. Everywhere I look there are plants. I came back and put out the laundry. Then I tidied up the dishes.
Soon I will take younger boy to see Dr. Kurji.
I expect to go to the certificate presentation for Ruth Adria for the nomination she got for that award that I hope she will get. All the nominated folks get a certificate and I will take photographs. It's the least that Ruth Adria will get for all the work she does for the GOA that isn't paid or recognized.
Troubles in the continuing care system are inevitable because the system is doing the tidying up of the loose ends that resulted in publicity problems for the GOA.
Some matters that have been resolved to the satisfaction of the GOA include the creation of the province wide auditing body that will ensure that embarrassing exposures of non-compliances that are tolerated by the GOA and health authority such as the one in the Lacombe long term care aren't ever exposed again. The province wide auditing team will keep problems under wraps in my opinion.
Also if you now complain there will be swift resolution of these problems in bureaucratically and politically expedient ways as the government will push families forwards rather than come to the best resolution for the sake of the seniors.
It's the way it is.
Best accept the situation as it is and make the best of it.
If you are able to make the massive effort required -keep your family members at home.
If you are not able to do this, simply provide the extras that the system is incapable and unwilling to provide such as the art place that I have created for Rebecca at home.
You don't have to accept what is in the system. You can write about it. One day we will have more reasonable set ups for our most vulnerable citizens but we do not have this set up now or in the near future.
I'm guessing it will only be when the bulge of the baby boomers passes through the system will there be system wide change.
But for now it's control of the system by the GOA and the health authority for the benefit of bureaucrats and politicians.
This is reality.
We are in the dark dark woods of the continuing care system and we are lost. But one day we will be found. We will find ourselves and make a path to the new way in continuing care. One day.

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