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I take my heart like a lamp------------g. On June 20, 2006, Minister Boutilier wrote in a letter to Ms. Ernst that “[w]e have been working with you and several other landowners across the Province to determine the sources of methane or gas in private water wells, and to ensure all Albertans have access to safe, secure drinking water.” The letter goes on to say, in relation to a similar water contamination complaint. “I assure you. if we do find any contraventions under our strict guidelines, action will be taken.”--

and I tell you the stories from hell---It's all about failed governance and not working in the public interest; it's all about captured politicians, puppet political parties controlled by the oil and gas industry coupled with an apathetic electorate; it's all about information sequestration, secrecy and lack of accountability. It's really all about DeMockracy.
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and I take my boat
of words
and I row
towards you

I don't hesitate
not any more
I shape reality
with my mind and soul

my heart is in my hands
I lift it up
so that you might see
courage lies in each of us

I take the heart like a lamp
and I walk towards the end of the path
I know it is all about love
and I don't wait for the others

who will come after me
these others are now becoming
who they must be
but at this time        I know the heart

I know what I am here for
and that is to help
I take my heart like a lamp
and I tell you the stories from hell

2. Unless otherwise stated in this Reply. the Plaintiff denies every fact the Defendant Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Alberta (“Alberta Environment”) has stated in its Statement of Defence, and puts Alberta Environment to the strict proof thereof.
3. In reply to paragraph 10 of the Statement of Defence of Alberta Environment, and in particular, Alberta Environment’s denial that it made “any specific representations to the Plaintiff’, the Plaintiff pleads and relies on paragraphs 63 and 64 of the Fresh Statement of Claim, and further pleads the following particulars:
a. In 2005, Alberta Environment Manager Nga de Ia Cruz represented to Ms. Ernst that the Alberta Environmental Guidelines for Groundwater Diversion for Coalbed Methane/Natural Gas in Coal Development, April 2004 and the Water Act were strictly enforced, notably in relation to any CBM developments. Ms. de la Cruz sent Ms. Ernst a link to the Alberta Environmental Guidelines, which specifically state:
Conditions also require the authorization holder to investigate and resolve any allegations of impact on any existing water supply. Measures to resolve any impact may include lowering the pump, deepening the impacted well, providing water supply to the well owner for his current water needs, and drilling a new water well. [Emphasis added].
b. On February 28, 2006, the Honourable Ralph Klein, the then Premier of Alberta, committed to intervening on behalf of Ms. Ernst and others. He gave his personal guarantee that the concerns of Ms. Ernst and others would be addressed, stating “I am willing to extend that to the fullest extent. Whatever is necessary to be done, will be done.”
c. On or around February 28, 2006, in a debate in the Legislative Assembly of Alberta, the then Alberta Environment Minister the Honourable Guy Boutilier stated:
Mr. Speaker, let me reiterate to the hon. member and to the families
[specifically including Ms. Ernst] that are here today: it is a very serious issue.
As Alberta Environment [sic] I will use every fibre of energy in my body to
assist this family relative to safe drinking water now and into the future. . . . I
can assure you that we are working with them and we will continue to work
with them because this is a very important issue to this family and to many
other families that have been impacted, be it by the natural flow or because of
what is being asserted relative to what is taking place in the water supply. . .
I’m using my energy to get these people safe drinking water. We will do
everything in our power to get them that, and then we can come to conclusive
evidence in terms of: is it naturally flowing, or is it the result of drilling? I don’t have that answer as of yet, btit it’s a very important question that we are
committed to getting the answer to very quickly….
d. On March 3, 2006, Alberta Environment employees, Darren Bourget (inspector), Al Straus (water tester), and Leslie Miller (trainee) met with Ms. Ernst at her property to test her contaminated water. During this meeting, Alberta Environment employees promised that Alberta Environment would provide permanent deliveries of safe alternate water to Ms. Ernst and her neighbours, and promised to conduct water testing on the municipal water wells that belong to Wheatland Country and that supply the Hamlet of Rosebud with drinking water. This representation was in addition to an earlier representation made by Mr. Bourget that Alberta Environment was going to supply Ms. Ernst with water tanks and start deliveries as soon as the water tanks were installed.
e. On March 6, 2006, Environment Minister Boutilier and Deputy Minister of the
Environment, C. Peter Watson, met with Ms. Ernst and others to discuss their water contamination concerns. During this meeting, the Minister promised an investigation into what was causing the contamination, and agreed to deliver safe water to Ms. Ernst’s home.
f. On or around April 24, 2006, Lestie Miller, a staff member at Alberta Environment, wrote to Ms. Ernst stating that “Alberta Environment is committed to responding to your concerns about the potential impacts of CBM activities on local aquifers.”
g. On June 20, 2006, Minister Boutilier wrote in a letter to Ms. Ernst that “[w]e have been working with you and several other landowners across the Province to
determine the sources of methane or gas in private water wells, and to ensure all
Albertans have access to safe, secure drinking water.” The letter goes on to say, in
relation to a similar water contamination complaint. “I assure you. if we do find any contraventions under our strict guidelines, action will be taken.”
h. On March 8, 2007, the Deputy Minister of the Environment, C. Peter Watson, wrote to Ms. Ernst, “Alberta Environment is committed to working with landowners concerned about their water supply.”
i. Throughout the material time, Ms. Ernst and her neighbours continued to request that Alberta Environment conduct a responsible and comprehensive investigation of the water contamination cases in the Rosebud area. In particular, Ms. Ernst and her neighbours specifically requested that Alberta Environment sample, test and investigate CBM gas wells to determine if they had caused the contamination to groundwater supplies in the Rosebud area. On April 19, 2007, Deputy Minister Watson wrote to Ms. Ernst to offer her and two of her neighbours “the comprehensive sampling you have requested.” Mr. Watson wrote that this sampling would ensure that Alberta Environment is “better able to respond to your concerns and any groundwater impacts in Rosebud and Redland.”
j. On April 17, 2008, the Minister of Environment the Honourable Rob Renner stated in the Legislative Assembly of Alberta in response to specific questions regarding water contamination in the Rosebud area, “Mr. Speaker, the issue of safe
groundwater is a priority for Alberta Environment. . . . [W]e [the Government of
Alberta] have the responsibility to ensure that the groundwater that Albertans access is safe.”


Jessica Ernst
Jessica, Magic and Bandit, photograph by Maggie Dickeson
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does he still himself to see the future that is coming? by Julie Alie, June 28, 2013
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