Thursday, August 3, 2017

going the speed limit on the Whitemud Freeway results in insulting behaviour by other drivers

When I was bringing Rebecca home today a truck cut me off and a hand and arm went out of the left driver side window. I was surprised. Was the man being friendly I wondered? I noted he had an uplifted finger waving at me.
I thought Hmmm..
What does a wagging finger in the air mean after someone cuts you off?
 I told myself to find out later. But since I did not want the poor driver to feel unrecognized for his efforts at insulting me, I stuck my left hand and arm out and waved friendly like to him.
I waved and waved.
The driver stopped his finger stuff.
We all went home.
I still don't understand why going the speed limit on Edmonton streets results in folks getting annoyed. Surely they get tickets for speeding in this way?
In any case, I went 80 km/hour on the Whitemud Freeway, I was nice when insulted and I found out the middle finger salute means I did something detestable. What this is I don't know.
A raised middle finger reflects something detestable, and shows whoever committed the offense just how awful we think it is. A symbol of protest and defiance—whether over sports, politics, or family feuds—it’s clear that a single finger can be worth so much more than two words.
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