Friday, August 4, 2017

For Super Nick

The problems of life are not really problems when we compare the situation to death. When death comes with a hammer and a crowbar to break down our houses of certainty and confidence; when death comes with the loss of a person we love and hope to have for a long time; when death comes with the suddenness of a hawk swooping out of the sky to grab the mouse; when death comes we see all our troubles for what they are--as diversions from the ultimate horror.
When death comes, with the sad faces of children and the tears of the parents; when death comes with the hollow ringing of the "could have beens, should have beens" in our minds; when death comes with the last moments of a life -----you have to see the other problems of life as gnats-small insects buzzing and troubling you for not one of these problems are death itself.
When death comes with the silver chalice of sorrow to drink out of; when death comes to parents who lose a child there is no other sorrow great enough to match this. We lose ourselves. We lose our siblings. But our children? Spare us from this horror. But death comes to all of us. And so all we have when death comes is the small comforts to remind ourselves that death comes for all of us. Yet at this moment it has come for the child.
When death comes in the garden of love, open the window, speak with death in calm and composed tones. Accept the message he is about to give. And then without any sort of compunction, take your life like a jewel and shine that jewel before us to show us you have overcome death. When death comes.

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