Sunday, August 13, 2017

depapering the writing room

Today I am going through all the papers in the writing room. It is impossible to do any sort of coherent investigation when there is paper everywhere.
So what I will do today is simply devote part of the day to paper decluttering.What isn't required will be recycled.
Then I have to find clothes for the certificate presentation for tomorrow. Ruth Adria gets a certificate from the GOA tomorrow with other nominated citizens.
We don't know about the actual award until later as I guess they want to honour everyone who is nominated so that there are no hard feelings about the business.
I went for a walk early today before it became blasting hot. The ducklings are everywhere and their mums are shamelessly hawking them to get bread. I don't have any stale bread so they were out of luck with me.
Well I'd better go back to emptying out the writing room. The geraniums will be eventually put on the deck, showered clean and repotted with fresh soil. I won't get all of this done before I leave for holidays but something is better than nothing.
Soon I will be in the holiday time capsule far away leaving this mess for later but now I'd better do something.
Remedios Varo

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