Friday, August 4, 2017

Cut backs will be necessary in the public sector. They are happening now in the private sector but no job is safe anywhere.

The Manitoba government has had its credit rating downgraded for the second time in 13 months by S&P Global Ratings.
Julie Ali It is poor fiscal management to continue spending money without revenue coming in. I guess the Heritage Trust Fund will be used next. I think it is time for cutting public sector workers. When we don't have the cash I see no reason to keep all the managers at places like AHS and Covenant Health. Its troubling we have this bulge of managers at public agencies and at the GOA but this is where the cuts need to occur. We can't afford these folks any longer. Also there needs to be major downsizing of the top of the pyramid of government and the ABCs--the CEO of AHS needs a reduction in pay as does the CEO of Covenant Health. Why are we paying exorbitant compensation from the time of the PC error to the present time of the NDP error? Insufficient money coming in means more debt with the same labour pool.
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