Tuesday, August 8, 2017

But the nap.

The time with Rebecca is over and I took her back to the Villa. She got cantaloupe, strawberries and green melon today plus a bit of chicken stew from my crock pot.
I checked her head. The goose bump that was big as an egg has deflated leaving a red wound that needs checking. I will look at it again tomorrow when I pick her up to go to the doctor's appointment. I thought it was 9:30 am but it is 10:30 am so we will pick her up after breakfast at the Villa.
Mum is still here. Dad has gone grocery shopping with my younger brother which means they will be gone for ages. Men tend to buy too much stuff when they shop so mum will be here longer than usual. Younger boy is putting on another show for her on the computer. I think it is a Disney movie. She enjoyed the one before this one.
Now I am tuckered out. The driving back and forth is the killer.
I will lie on the sofa while mum watches the new Disney movie. Most of them are unknown to mum as well as myself as I was never a TV or movie person.
Good thing younger boy knows how to put on these movies or she would be stuck doing zilch.
Rebecca had a bit of time in the sun outside. It was pleasant and she read for a while until the sump pump tubing started pumping out water near the patio table and chair below. I brought her in after that. Too many bugs as well. The Petunias and moss roses have a fatal attraction for bees. There are spiders near the raspberry canes at the side of the deck and they are doing good business in trades of flies and other vulnerables.
In order to see the web I put a few petals on it but when I went later to pick raspberries the busy spider had already cleaned house. If only I was as diligent at the spider so much would be cleared out of my cluttered house.
But the nap. Mum has finished my load of laundry for today and I have washed a new batch that will dry over night so when she comes on Thursday they will be there for her to do. She is beginning to feel aggrieved about folding my laundry but it is better she is kept busy and hard done upon than to be puttering around in the past. The past is only good if you can dig up nuggets of wisdom in those dank fields.
But the nap. Let me look into a mirror of the self and fall asleep from boredom.
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