Thursday, August 10, 2017

borage and bees

As my mother naps on the sofa, the Disney movie which was full of interesting animation finished. I watched the ending. It had plaintive robots in it.
The table I have put outside with my plants is full of bees. The zipper sound they make (as if a zipper was being opened) is like white noise and comforting.
The borage is full of bees. I got my first borage plants from Sue. Now I just let them grow and self seed.
The plants take up a lot of space. So what happens is that they push the other plants around. In the firepit where there is only gravel two plants have made a nest and I have removed the weeds that were competing with them so that we only have the borage in big skirts all the pit.
The prettiness of this plant is in the blue and the bees. The bees seem to love the flowers and are humming all about them in delicious noise.
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