Thursday, August 3, 2017

another day of moss roses and Petunias

Beautiful day out. I brought Rebecca home first. Then mum. There are now two strollers in my baby minivan and she is stuffed.
 I gave them blueberries, green melon and peaches. I find folks don't get enough variety of fruit so when they are at my place they get the fruits I serve to younger boy as snacks. Younger boy also gets a variety of fruits especially in the summer when they don't cost an arm and a leg.
Right now I am very sleepy. I will have a nap on the sofa. The house is pretty hot. The clothes on the deck are hard and dry. I have another load washing.
Really my day is pretty much the same every day. Extended family. Family. Clothes washing and drying. Dr. Phil yapping on the TV for Rebecca. It's amazing how dull my family is compared to the folks on Dr. Phil who might be from another planet.
Meanwhile in the garden the moss roses are explosive and the Petunias are reviving.
Very pretty.
The rest of the day is also mundane. Read Avram Davidson. Take Rebecca back to the Villa. Take mum back to dad after she has folded my laundry. Eat supper. Nap again.
The good life.
Remedios Varo

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