Saturday, August 5, 2017

and between a poem and the frown

because the day was windy
the sky was very blue
I expected that the laundry
would have time to dehydrate through

but the fir tree outside my window
scanned a page from the sky
and indicated the future
which is that the clothes would never dry

I put away the garments
because my mother could fold the lot
and put another load on
to fill up the Monday slot

it's wise to keep a mother
busy       so that she does not think
about the past in blurry fragments
and instead focuses on the blink

between one garment and the next
between the load that is taken down
and the grandson before the screen
and between a poem and the frown

when there is a wicked feeling
best to leave the past to cry
and instead dry out the victuals
of memory       in a poetical try

of singing in the poem
even if you don't succeed
you've put away the sadness
and let the language breed

Dorothea Tanning

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