Friday, August 11, 2017

an empty house

Hubby has taken younger boy hiking. He is also picking up our nephew and friend at the back country hiking place tomorrow morning.
They are going to do Yamnuska hike --the entire circuit. I refused to do the chain link area so they are doing it without me.
I said goodbye to younger boy sadly as if this were the last time I would see him. Maybe he will survive and maybe he will not.
After Yamnuska on Saturday-if they all survive it they will do another hike on Sunday without me. Then hubby and younger boy will drop off the nephew and his friend at the Calgary Airport on Monday and come home.
Then next weekend we are off on our holidays from Saturday August 19 to Tuesday August 22, 2017. We simply go. I don't do FB or blogging. I am completely cut off from electronics. Well I do have the cell phone but I don't do anything on it but phone.
It will be a good four days away from ordinary life.
Hopefully we will do fun things rather than sit around.
I am back to pre-hiking sluggishness now.
I will begin to walk around the neighbourhood to get back at least into some walking shape.
Tomorrow is dad's appointment. I did not have anyone at my house today and it was a blessing. I mean Sue dropped by and that was that.
It's a good thing to have an empty house.
The 11 km loop hike to the summit of Yamnsuka is more of a scramble. Over 900 m of elevation you must negotiate 3 tricky sections including a 50' section of chains

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