Saturday, August 5, 2017

Always remember--life is full of doors.

So there was a big rumble of ominous thunder. I ran out and got the clothes. They had got soaked yesterday but seem OK now for mum to fold. I get mum to fold the laundry because I don't like to do it and she gets neural stimulation from doing this work. I mean I don't have proof that her brain is made stronger by doing my menial labour but it frees me to yap on FB so we both benefit. So far no rain.
It is now too late to pick up Rebecca and besides which I am picking her up tomorrow when my mum is at my younger brother's house. We are farming her out like a small heifer.
But this is necessary. Dad is ancient and is doing all the cooking. He can't tend to mum all the time so I take her, Sue takes her and my other brother takes her. It's sort of like a Cooperative Ali venture. I don't know how long we can keep this up but I imagine forever.
Life is short. You've got to do the stuff that is right and often uncomfortable to do. Meaning the stuff that makes contact. For me being on FB is my only contact with other living beings. There is the family. There is the extended family. And there are my FB friends. So far, I have met Velvet Martin and my Redshaws--Marguerite and Edward. I've only met them because Ruth Adria had to go somewhere or get an award and as I am following in Ruth Adria's footsteps of being an activist that everyone thinks is too mouthy---this is the only time I have contact with non-familial folks. I also met Martin Kerr at the award ceremony. I was friends with his manager Anthony El Lovesey and then I asked why the heck I couldn't be friends with the famous singer and so Martin was forced to be buddies if only at a great distance. So you see this sort of FB networking is terrific for me as I have now met five human beings who are not blood relatives.
Hubby is taking care of a nephew and his friend who are visiting us. Actually they were visiting BC but the forest fire ended that business. So now hubby is taking them hiking all of the next week. I will join them once we have Rebecca's medical appointment sorted out on Wednesday August 9, 2017. That appointment is significant.
I've found after dealing with sick extended family for decades that it is best not to get your knickers in a twist over stuff--and then keep writing until it all irons out. Life is long for most of us. And we can get over horror. We can't get over death.
But for now, life is good. I have mum slaving on my laundry. I will go put another batch out so that she has one more load for Monday when she comes back. I now have to schedule my laundry washing and drying outside to coincide with her visits.
Always remember--life is full of doors. Endless doors. Don't be afraid. Be who you are. Walk through each and every door. And at the last door with all the practice you've had overcoming fear, the last door will be simple as washing laundry and putting the garments on the line.
In this way-every day is a birthday. The very last day is the birthday into death.
Dorothea Tanning - Birthday
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