Sunday, August 6, 2017

a perfect day for strawberries and ice cream.

I found some stir fry strips of beef on sale so I put them in the crock pot with the old potatoes, the leftover tiny carrots, the two strips of celery and onions from the garden. I was supposed to follow this recipe:
But the reality is that I just did what I usually do which is fry up the beef with seasoning, add the beef broth powder and water with the cut up mushrooms. I like mushrooms in my stew even though younger boy picks them out.
 Hopefully it will turn out. I will obey the last part of the recipe for thickening with flour and beef broth.
I didn't plan to make stew today but when I was grocery shopping the strips were on sale so I thought I would try them to see how they turn out in the stew. There was no stewing beef cubes to be found and the prices of the steaks in the area was astronomical so there you go.
The day is turning hot and younger boy is in bed. I have called twice and got his junky cereal but to no avail. I found some strawberries as well at the store. They were not in great shape but somehow berries seem to be rather lacklustre at this time of the year. I got apricots, the two cantaloupes and I still have one of the green melons for later.
We eat a lot of fruit. The container of peaches I got from Sobeys was not very good but hopefully they will ripen with time.
Once I have woken up I will go pick up Rebecca. The day is perfect for her to sit on the deck with a bowl of strawberries and ice cream.
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