Sunday, August 6, 2017

a fall

When I was taking Rebecca back to the Villa she had a fall in the garage. We were going to the minivan and she turned and fell on her back hitting her head.
Of course I freaked out. She had a huge hematoma on the back of her head. Younger boy had to calm me down as we got her up and into the minivan. Then he got the ice for her bump. I got Sue to stay with her at the emergency at the U of A. We got there at 5:30 pm and I haven't heard anything yet.
Waiting is the hardest part. I noticed she was a bit unsteady when she was putting on her shoes but did not think of getting her stroller before her in the garage as it is so close to the minivan. Next time we go out through the front door and the stroller will be in front of her.
Hopefully she doesn't have a fractured skull but she is in a lot of pain. Such bad luck.
In case you don't know it falls are the major cause of fatality in folks later in life.
It's wise to use the stroller and stick always instead of doing the short cut as I did.
Sometimes hurry leads to more problems as well. We should leave the house by 4:30 pm rather than by 5 as we tend to be worried about being back at the Villa by 5:30 pm and rush.
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