Monday, July 3, 2017


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What a beautiful day. It was very hot in the morning when I went for my walk for two hours but eventually the rain came and shook out the hot from the day.
Now it is beautifully chilled in the house. It feels as so much nicer without all the clogged air in the writing room.
The walk was hard to do but I imagine that if I do this I might be able to hike this coming weekend. It's been two weekends off without hiking and I will go out on Friday to get ready for more travels.
I have found that hiking is the solution to being in a rut. As a home body I really do not going out of my home so the only way younger boy will get some outings is to go hiking.
I am getting through the last of my current batch of books. Tomorrow I will go pick up some more books. It's beautiful to have a system that allows you to harvest the minds of millions of people. Since I have exhausted the Edmonton Public Library I now plunder the TAL Online system. It's luxury to have access to books that I would never be able to access otherwise.
It is also a luxury to see so many wonderful pieces of art online.
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