Monday, July 10, 2017

To Do List Monday July 10, 2017

Since I got up I have been doing stuff on my To Do List. Most of the list involves things that younger boy is to do. But has not done.
The portfolio is still being worked on. Hubby will review it this weekend. Then the job applications and future job file is being prepared.
Older boy did all of this stuff by himself. But younger boy needs help. I will figure out the best strategy to get him a summer job and also for the part time job that will cement his skills.
After he finishes the Digital Media and IT program at NAIT, then next steps are various and costly. I may have to think about a loan.
It's hard to put everything together but at least I have begun to go through the steps with him. I took him for his thyroid test while I did my banking. I showed him how to fill the minivan as he will have to do this in the future. The driving lessons are still not begun. A shopping trip with him to do the frugal buying of stuff was completed. I got him to take the groceries to the fridge and he put most of them away.
Much of this training should have been done as he was growing up rather than just before he will leave home but at least I am starting. Soon he will use the washing machine and hang his clothes on the line. It's never too late to make a child self sufficient even if the child is 18 years old and should be up to speed already.
I will see about his passport soon if he needs to work outside the country. You never know where the jobs are.
Sometimes it feels I am working on a piece of art that is mysterious when I look at my child. It's hard to figure him out. And where will he grow? What will he fruit into? It's best to keep working on the caged moonscape.
Remedios Varo
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