Tuesday, July 25, 2017

This and That-- Tuesday July 25, 2017

Just came back from taking Rebecca to the doctor. We will be busy over the next few months.
But we still want to do family things. This is why our weekend hikes are so important to us. We are just our own family and not the extended family. While we love our extended family and are lucky to have them near it's also nice to have down time without anyone else but the nuclear family.
Today I have another appointment in the afternoon so I am going to nap now or I will be grumpy. Mum will be picked up late today as we have been running here and there like chickens with our heads cut off. Tomorrow Rebecca comes home to do her art. I have brought her watercolour paints, the brushes and paper so she can do some work in this area.
Then Thursday Mum and Rebecca will be over. Friday I go for a mammogram. I encourage you all to get a mammogram done because it might save your life.
Next week will be full of appointments. It's pretty crazy at our home and thankfully it is all busy during the summer holidays when younger boy is off school and we can concentrate on the appointments.
Sometimes I feel like I am always travelling like a vagabond creature. The only thing missing is my cat Simon.
Remedios Varo

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