Tuesday, July 11, 2017

This and That -Tuesday July 11, 2017

Mum is home with me. I used the single corn and broccoli to steam for her. Then the pasta again with some Parmesan cheese. The tea with the milk and salt. I've not got a very good menu but better than none.
Younger boy has put on the America's funniest videos for her to look at -- so I can write. Younger boy is eating warmed up pasta sauce on his pasta. It was all I had time for.
Rebecca had called yesterday saying there was an appointment today at 12:30 pm so I went but the appointment is for 5:30 pm so I got her to the lunch room and told her I would be back. She seemed a bit confused but there you go.
When I go to Rebecca's appointment this evening, I will have younger boy keeping an eye on mum. Usually she doesn't want to leave her bed but I generally ignore her protests and get her out of the house. It's very bad for a human being to lie on a bed without any sort of interest in the world. I believe you have to get folks out even if it is only to go grocery shopping.
Dad wants to do grocery shopping but I don't know if we will have the time after Rebecca's appointment. Things generally are chaos but I aspire to order by doing the home visits according to a rigid schedule.
Mum is here Tuesday and Thursday. Then Rebecca comes home on Wednesday. She will probably come home again on the weekend on Saturday as I have to get Helva's driver side light fixed at Freedom Ford and then have her serviced so no hiking this weekend.
Then on Friday I am going to the podiatrist with mum to get her feet looked at and her nails clipped. Usually Rebecca gets the podiatrist to go to the Villa and so I don't have to take her in person.
Where was I? I am going for a nap before the appointment. Laundry is washing. Folks are eating. Rain happened in a minute splurge of water but enough to keep my Petunias that I saved from the dumpster from dying. The geraniums I got cheap will need to be planted this weekend. It's hard to pass by the smiling faces of the geraniums on death row in the garden centres that are closing and realize you are their only hope of survival.
Time for a nap. Sometimes I feel as if I am only half here and the other half is napping.
1962 Remedios Varo Uranga (1908~1963, Spanish born Mexican para-surrealist painter and anarchist)

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