Thursday, July 6, 2017

This and That- Thursday June 6, 2017

I took the parents to do the grocery shopping. I dropped off dad with the groceries and then brought mum back to my place. She has had a few snacks and some cold drink as it was boiling in the house. Younger boy is up and put on America's Funniest Videos for her to watch. I have taken down my laundry (first batch) and given them to mum to fold. I don't like folding laundry and mum does for some mysterious reason. Every time I have her over I give her laundry to fold; it makes her feel useful and I get to write in the writing room that has to be soon cleaned as the geraniums have dumped their flowers all over the side table. When the cleaning will happen is not settled as I am getting ready for departure for the mountains.
Younger boy is tired of hiking in Banff and provincial parks but since he is annealed to the strand of the computer during the week it's best that I detach him from the screen and take him into the wild wild world that needs his interaction with it.
Once the laundry is folded we will have supper. I have cooked today which is somewhat amazing, I was just giving the family oddments which isn't very supreme. Then I read a book about how a meal sanctifies a life and felt guilty. So I made a pasta sauce. Mum will have the pasta coated in butter and spices with a bit of cheese as she is vegetarian. Then she will go home to dad's cooking. Dad's cooking is still in my fridge where I go through it slowly. Younger boy will have pasta with a smidge of pasta sauce. Then hubby will have some and whatever is left will be frozen.
I got some mandarin oranges for younger boy while shopping with the parents. There are fresh cherries. We have apples. The veggies I got were just one corn on the cob for younger boy. I have also some celery and a cucumber with lettuce. There were two tomatoes but one had gone mushy while I was farting around with oddments for meals; the other one was good so I squished it for the pasta sauce. Mind you it feels too hot to eat pasta sauce but if I wait long enough younger boy will eat pasta.
It was so hot that both mum and I had a nap on the sofa.
At the store I found Anne Marie who was one of the mums when the boys were going to the Francophone preschool. Her kids have done very well and are in engineering and dentistry respectfully. She was having family times this weekend as everyone was home. So nice.
As for me we are off to the mountains. We might bake to the consistency of sand but we are going. I am already as dry as a loaf of bread left out for weeks.
Younger boy is working on his portfolio and I don't bother him. In any case I have no idea what he is doing. We still have to yap with alumni and current students about the value for the money of their programs. Maybe tonight when mum is away.
My garden is flourishing. The moss roses are being sun burnt but will make it. It's very pretty out. I took a quick walk about the roses and ran inside after hanging the next batch of laundry. It's very hot.
Albrecht Dürer, Flowers
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