Thursday, July 27, 2017

This and That --Thursday July 27, 2017

I have picked up both Rebecca and mum. They had ice cream. It's boiling in the house and the only way to cool them down is water and ice cream.
They are watching the Ellen show on TV. I have put the laundry up on the line for mum to do later. It's remarkable how a chore like folding laundry makes my mum feel useful. Right now she is drowsy on the sofa.
Rebecca did a bit of art with the watercolour paints, brushes and watercolour paper I got for her. It's useful to do art while she visits as I think it makes her more lively. Watching TV is boring.
I took a pile of books back to the library and picked up some more. I will read them later and order some more books.
Some days, after a good night sleep I am able to handle both mum and Rebecca together -taking them back and forth on separate trips without feeling frazzled. I can't put them both into the minivan as their strollers don't both fit in there and the back door of the minivan is broken so I have to put the strollers on a side seat.
Today is gorgeous outside. The moss roses are beginning to thrive and overtake the territory of their battered pots. The Petunias that I overfertilized and are burnt seem to be recovering and are putting out small stubs of leaves again. The geraniums are massively friendly now in their new pots and have survived the transplantation process. So all in all the survivors of the Sobey's culling may make it to live out their lives this summer and the geraniums may eventually end up inside with my other geraniums in the writing room. Soon I will have a forest of summer geraniums and the house will be full of foliage.
But now, I will go and nap. It's only an hour before I drop Rebecca off for supper at the Villa. Time to enter the gravity of a nap and pretend I am top of the list of things I must do.
Remedios Varo

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