Thursday, July 20, 2017

This and That - Thursday July 20, 2017

I haven't figured out the computer problems as hubby is too busy and can't look at it.
Mum and Rebecca are home. I got mum to do my laundry folding. The laundry is all over the sofa waiting for me to put it away.
They are now watching the Einstein series that they started on Tuesday. It's pretty deep. They don't actually like it but it is on a genius so I figure it will stimulate their brain regeneration.
Rebecca has not done her art today but has eaten the various fruit (cantaloupe, cherries and mandarin oranges). I tend to increase the fruit burden for both mum and Rebecca as I think this helps their neurons.
Younger boy is doing his portfolio. I got a book on animation from the library so I could figure out what he is doing. I still don't know what he is doing but I am only on the first chapter of the book.
The transplanted Petunias are still looking fried. I hope they will recover from too much fertilizer.
This morning when mum came we did a creative activity. I had brought this ugly silk flower arrangement at a garage sale that was pretty old but I left it out in the rain and sun so that it got a good cleaning. Then I took it apart. I found a brass container for $2 at another garage sale and got mum to make the new flower arrangement. It is on the front porch right now. Mum got some mental activity and fun while I got a new display for my porch. Eventually as I gain more ugly silk plant arrangements at garage sales we can do the same thing over and over again. I find that repeated activities are best for mum. I have to admit it was fun for me as I made a couple of small silk plant displays for hanging outside with the dying Petunias.
I have been reading a book while mum folded the laundry. I'd better go back to the book and then take Rebecca back eventually to the Villa before dropping mum.
Dad is fasting today so I have to be up for tomorrow's visit to the Riverbend Dynacare. Mum will be with younger boy in the afternoon as I am going with Ruth Adria for Elder Advocates Working Group stuff. It's very busy. We are always in flight but best to understand it is all fire and ash even so.
Hopefully my computer will not die again but if it does I will write minute text pieces on the laptop that isn't good.
The Flight - Remedios Varo
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