Thursday, July 13, 2017

This and That--Thursday July 13, 2017

Mum is at my place. It is boiling. Younger boy put on videos about Antarctica as we think this will cool us down. It's actually very fascinating to see a world of ice in the middle of a summer melt down.
I am slowly decluttering the living room as mum can't move around very well and the small toppling columns of books are in her way. I have put most of the books that were on the kitchen table in a plastic laundry bin by my bed for immediate attention.
I am slowly going through Margaret Laurence's books. I have ordered them from the library and TAL Online as I don't want to add to the pile of books in my bedroom or in the bonus room. I am already behind in my reading for about a couple of years at least.
It is also better to read from the library and then return so you don't have the ancient books falling to pieces in the house and adding to the dust problem. I haven't yet mopped the floors but I am taking advantage of mummy sitting to get my laundry folded by mum. She has a slow eating habit so in between eating pieces of pancake she is folding a towel or two. Once the laundry outside is dry I will give them to her to fold.
The mud room is full of junk and so I am having to slowly remove things from there and donate. I don't know where we got so many old coats but obviously I can't keep them all. They will go. I have a few old coats for rainy days in the garden when I get muddy but the rest don't need to be here.
More laundry is piling up in the washing machine. The dryer was cleaned but since I am not using it well it is just sitting there. It's too hot out to use the dryer.
The contraption that hubby rigged up on the balcony is broken now that I put too many wet clothes on it. So he will be mad again. My Barbarantia dryer has now been broken at least three times and hubby has had to fix it with wooden dowels. I just put too much laundry on the dryer and it keels over.
Younger boy did not want to eat a pancake for lunch but he had to. He was too late for breakfast. And the sandwich I made him yesterday was uneaten and sits in the fridge. I will have to polish it off.
I will get him to make his own sandwich for supper or he will eat rice and my dad's chicken curry yet again.
It's troubling to think that it takes me all day to get to clean up a mud room but there you are. I'd better go back and keep at it.
Sometimes I feel like an otherworldy creature stuck in this world when really my head is through the roof.
Remedios Varo

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