Monday, July 17, 2017

This and That--Monday July 17, 2017

I did nothing again today. I am going out for a walk later. It is easier to walk now that the water has stopped dripping.
Some days are meant for sitting and being still. I did the groceries early and younger boy ate chilli yet again. Sue brought mum for a visit and ate the rest of the chilli since I did not want leftovers.
I have boiled a batch of kidney beans that was put in water overnight. Tomorrow they will make another batch of chilli. It is useful to have chilli in the fridge as younger boy will eat the beans at least.
Inside the house is like an ice box. Cool. The wet on the deck is still present but I ignored it and hung up a second load of laundry. While mum was here I got her to fold the load of laundry that was dried in the indoor dryer after it got wet outside. I rarely use the indoor dryer as it is a bad machine and doesn't dry clothes but I had no choice.
Mum folded the clothes and younger boy put them away. I did the socks but there is a sack of uncoupled socks; I can't imagine where their mates have gone.
Oh well. I have done nothing today. The nap I had was minor. The rain fell on the Petunias that I saved from being dumped and they are wet in their pots but hopefully they will last until I feel more energetic and get down to repotting them.
Right now I am going to simmer in song.
This song.
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