Monday, July 17, 2017

these ordinary deeds

wherever you are
you can be found
for the way back can be traced
you simply look at the place where you are 
and you return to the beginning
different but still living

wherever you are
you can be who you meant to be
from cowardice turn to strength
and courage       these ordinary deeds 
become the solitude that speaks
and the heart that sings of the sorrows that she has seen

wherever you are
forgot their predictions and warnings
those medical deliveries of statistics and time
we're at a new boundary    which is unknown
take the music and the painting and begin again
these ways are to create what was lost    and they work    I trust them

wherever you are
don't listen to the voice that says less and less
is what is waiting       instead challenge these dire conditions
and simply keep working      no one knows what lies ahead
in our small decisions and the thinking we do every day
we change our minds   and from these changes    evolution repeats    

wherever you are
go back to the beginning        to find out the reasons for now
these records are all about history and causation
you are not making a planet orbiting a sun
nor a constellation of stars    instead you are looking at the family
and wondering hard    what happened here?   what are we inside these cages?

Matthew West - Broken Things (Audio)
Remedios Varo 

PAPILLA ESTELAR, Remedios Varo Uranga (1908~1963, Spanish-Catalan born Mexican para-surrealist painter and anarchist)

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